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8 Attentions in Vaping for Beginner

8 Attentions in Vaping for Beginner


1. Dry Hit

Dry Hit_vaporl.com

Dry Hit means the coils too heat due to the little e-liquid, which make not only the worth taste, but something harmful will be produced under high temperature. Here in following will tell you how to avoid it. Firstly, the tank or coils should be used under rated power. Higher wattage will cause dry hit even shorter the life of coils. For RTA there almost no exact maximum wattage and different wires have their own, ten you have to set different wattage from small.

Secondly, e-liquids also make dry hit. Generally, the dilute e-liquid will be better than ropy one. And under cold condition will be dry hit more frequent.

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2. Low Voltage

Low Wattage_vaporl.com

Usually, box mod features the low voltage protection except mech type. It is dangerous for mod using under low voltage. So you need to exchange battery once the clouds decrease obviously for mech.



3. Dust Coils

Dust Coils_Vaporl.com

The coils will turn dark or carbon deposit to make clouds smaller and taste worth, then the coils are easy over heat. Do not changes coil unless it's cannot work.



4. Excessively Strong Throat Hit

Excessively Strong Throat Hit_vaporl.com

Some of vapers prefer strong throat hit by tank with massive cloud e-liquid with higher level of nicotine. I always recommend, however, e-liquid by massive clouds tank is less than 18mg while small clouds tank is 12mg.



5. No Using RDA When Driving Car


Do not using RDA when you are driving car for safety.



6. No Overdose Nicotine

no overdose nicotine_vaporl.comIn fact, electronic cigarette is a delivery system for nicotine to your body and overdose is dangerous which will make you dazzle, vomiting even life-threatening.


7. Unsafety Coils

Unsafety CoilsBecause the mech deliver the battery voltage to tank directly, they haven't circuit protection to avoid lower resistance. Once it cause large currents or short-cut, the coil is unsafety. A good habit is to test resistance for every new tank or coils.



8. Dehydration

DehydrationYou will feel dry when smoking. But don't worry about it because the some ingredients of e-liquid will cause dehydrate. Just drink.

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