Advantage and Disadvantage of Online and Offline Vape Shopping

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Online and Offline Vape Shopping

Because online shopping becomes more and more popular, some buy vape gears online. Of course, others believe the traditional stores are credible. Do you confuse to choice how to buy vape gears? Here we will list the advantage and disadvantage of them.

Online Shopping

vape online store_vaporl

Advantage of Vape Online Store

  1. No Time Limited

Vape online stores offer round-the-clock service that you can select products once you needed. Almost traditional store, however, have business hours which is inconvenient for some buyers.

  1. Lower Shopping Cost

Though it has different scale from the traditional shopping, with the development of the Internet and electronic commerce, it dynamically shifts the mode of the existing enterprise's competitiveness. Consumers select and compare the price on different websites or different channels, which save times and money.

  1. Convenient to Search Products

Shopping on vape online stores, consumers search products through categories and search bar, which are convenient operation and save time than offline stores.

  1. Feels Comfortable

Just though a PC or cell phone, you can select and order vape gears. That means you can lie in your bed or anywhere have cellphone signals, shopping is easy. Have Phone, will shop.

Disadvantage of Vape Online Store:

  1. Difference Between Picture and Products

There are some difference between pictures and products that you may unsatisfied.

  1. Can’t On Trial

You can’t try the vape kits or tanks by yourself because there are only some specification and features on website.

Offline Shopping

offline vape store

Advantage of Offline Shopping

  1. Experience the Products

While buying offline, you can check how well the performance of vape kit or vape mods and how is the feeling in hand. You hardly get the idea looking at images on your computer. You can feel if it is as per your expectation.

  1. Communicate with Others

There are lots of vapers in vape store and communicate e-cigarette. They can exchange massage and reviews. Just enjoy it and learn more.

  1. No Need to Wait for Delivery

In offline shopping, if you purchase vape kits you carry the items as you get out of the shop and feel great about it. And you do not need to wait for delivery which may cost 1 week.

Disadvantage of Offline Shopping

  1. Expensive Price Than Cyber Store

Traditional shopping stores have to pay more exclusive costs such as rent and salary. That’s why price of offline store is expensive than online store.

  1. Fake or Inferior Products

There may be some shop owners sale fake or inferior vape gears. All vapers should be careful of it.

  1. Less Variety and Options of Vape Products

Each shop has a limitation of space so you have not such huge choice to choose as you find in an online shopping. However, you can access an endless shopping website and find a huge option for a kinds of items you want to buy.

Do you buy e-cigarette online or offline? Tell me your opinions.


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