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Aspire Nautilus X Tank Review

Aspire Nautilus X Tank Review

Today I’m going to talk about the Aspire Nautilus X, The Nautilus X by Aspire features 2ml of liquid top fill and the airflow is a top air flow on this tank, the coils on here are 1.5ohm coils, the special coil away the design ,  I think that’s what the watts range 14-22, I’ll show you guys how to fill this little tank, I’ll talk a little about it.

aspire nautilus

So here is the package, the Nautilus X comes in basically top fill compact, leak proof, U-Tech and top airflow, it says inside the package you can see they’re better, so we got the tank, then inside the packaging, they give you a spare coil and an extra glass.

aspire nautilus mini

Alright so there’s the tank, you see the opening right there on top, you can see it on both sides and by taking this top ring is how you would adjust the airflow, I just cut it down right now, the air flows off whatever is on one side will be on the other drip tip. The airflow controller can be a little bit tricky to find. You have to turn the top part of the tank until you start to see tiny holes open up on the mouthpiece. Seeing these holes in low lighting is extremely difficult. I am using it wide open right now and still getting a mouth-to-lung hit that I am happy to say has a little bit more airflow than the Nautilus Mini. This is the way you would fill right here is your top fill, 2ml , a liquid leak proof.

aspire nautilus x

And when it comes to the flavor, I think the low-profile design paired with new U-tech coils really lends itself to some bold, intense flavor. The clouds have been good for this type of tank also. Unlike the original Aspire Nautilus, this thing is completely cleanable so you don’t have to ever taste your last liquid.

aspire nautilus coils

We‘ll start off with the cons and the only con really with this tank for me has to be the drip tip, you can’t use your own drip tip, but you know that for this style of tank, you basically need to have something with a type draw for a drip tip, it’s not for you lung hitting, nothing like that. So I mean for what it’s supposed to do that I guess it’s fine, what’s this drip on here is not bad,. Other than that, the airflow is nice, this coil, that’s innovation right there what they did basically with the way the coil air goes in from one side goes down from one side goes down and out the other side of the coil, that’s like a chamber inside there for the air to pass through and that’s crazy they did that, the flavor is beautiful on here, vapor production is going to be your usual not too long vapor. Mouth to long tank and it works the coil.


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