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Aspire NX75 Battery Mod Review

Aspire NX75 Battery Mod Review

Today Let's take a look at the Aspire NX75, this device itself is a 75 watt device single 18650 device batteries not included, temperature control, Nickel, Titanium, stainless steel, has TCR functions, it also has a power curve functions, you could customize and put your name on the device, this device’s got five buttons in total on the front of the screen which is so easy to navigate, to get into a temp controlled into your wattage mode, to do everything with it  awesome, what they did with the Aspire knock that out with this device right here also has upgradeable features and it’s got a charge port right here.

aspire nx75

If I click it three times will go into stealth mode, here at firing it’s in stealth mode click it three times again we’re out of stealth click it five times we lock the device, you have a wattage button, you have a temperature control button and up and down button.

aspire evo 75

Now if I press the wattage button go in to voltage mode, bypass mode, this is your curves basically for your wattage, you could set it to where you could go up 30 watts, took down 40 watts and back up, so basically it’s just a wattage curve that you could set with this pretty neat what they did there, so you have three different features there for the curve, you have your temperature control, first that asks if a new atomizer will say yes, and then you have your Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel.

aspire nx75 battery mod

Press the temperature and the up button at the same time, I could go inside and out. And I can still fire press it again and unlocks now if I press the temp shirt and the minus but at the same time in here I could go into where I could change the name, press them again and you’re out, pretty nice, like what they did with this.

aspire nx75z

This mod is awesome, I can put my name on it, buttons for me to go into temperature control or into wattage mode makes it simple for people that just get this device and don’t know what to use, it’s so easy to use, I mean that’s awesome what they did, I wish a lot more device would have more buttons on the front, this doesn’t look bad because if you see it does not look battle, I’d rather have all these buttons in there, because it’s just so much easier for me to navigate this device to get in there 75 watts for this size for single 18650 devices more than enough, in my opinion this is a good one, you know it’s very rare that you find the device that almost has no cons, I mean for the exception of that rattle this device is so worth the money, it’s a no-brainer of a device to pick up.


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