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Aspire Plato TC Starter Kit Review

Aspire Plato TC Starter Kit Review

I want to share with you my impressions of the all-in-one boxmode from Aspire - Plato 50W TC Kit. Aspire Plato is a fairly compact box mod in which the atomizer is integrated with the battery mode into one unique device.

aspire plato

The kit includes: the box itself Plato, two drippers (wide delrin and thin steel), USB-cable for charging and firmware, instructions, warranty card, verification code card, two removable evaporators on the cantaloupe (one for cigarette tightening 1.8 Ohm (10-13W) and one for free - Clapton 0.4 Ohm (40-50W), two spare O-rings for the tank and a special key.

Pleased that in the kit immediately there is also branded high-current 18650 battery Aspire 2500 mAh 20A.
aspire plato vape

The box itself is made of solid cardboard in black. On the back there is a barcode and a mark about the color performance of the device.

I came to the Rose Gold version (white plastic and metallic parts of golden color with a pink tinge).

An interesting feature of Plato is the auto-rotation of the screen image on the gravity sensor. For the first time with such a face - very convenient. Two completely different types of evaporators are used to efficiently and correctly operate on different types of tightening in a box mod.The screen at Plato is noticeably larger than that of iStick's. If you hold the Fire button while installing the battery, you can see. Version of the firmware and choose the language (English or Chinese). You can also change the image that will be displayed

When turned on. For example, I replaced the standard Aspire logo with Oberon. New firmware and software to download here.

 aspire plato skin

In view of the integrated mode with the tank and the possibility of its work only with the original removable evaporators, measurements on the oscilloscope did not. Feels okay (slightly underestimates power compared to the screen), for complete evaporators, the power is enough.

Autonomy is average. The control measurements showed a residual voltage on the battery 3.33-3.35 V. A full charge of the complete battery can evaporate about 7 ml of liquid.Since there are no evaporators on nickel or titanium in the kit, it was not possible to test the operation of the temperature control. It is likely that the evaporators for operation in the TC mode will be sold separately. I think that they will work in any way normally, because they will be designed for this device.

In the kit there is a wide dripper made of delirium and a narrow polished steel. The drippers are comfortable and pleasant, they do not heat up, they keep tight. Fit any 510th type of drippers. The bottom of the socket is made in the form of a funnel, so that the condensate can flow back into the evaporation chamber without hindrance.

aspire plato wraps

The buttons are metal, they will not climb. Completed neatly, to press conveniently, pleasant accurate click.

 aspire plato mod

To replace the replacement evaporators there is a special key (you can twist and coin). Unfortunately, the connector is non-standard and in the "best" traditions of Aspire, there is no servicing. That is, you can only install the original replacement evaporators of this company.

For free hookah tightening, the new Aspire Plato Kanthal Clapton Coil 0.4 Ohm 40-50W evaporators are used.For cigarette thrust, the common heads of the Nautilus BVC series are used, which are screwed through a special extension cord.When using evaporators for tightening the Aspire Nautilus BVC, the useful volume of the tank will be 1 ml more and make up 5.6 ml.

 aspire plato vape device


Due to the correct and appropriate diameters, it turns out correct and effective work on different types of tightening.on the evaporators Plato Clapton 0.4 Ohm work will be similar to the Aspire Cleito Tank, I liked that the tank body is made of Pyrex Glass and it can be disassembled and replaced in case of damage.

aspire plato glass

The holes are closed with silicone plugs (there are spare ones in the set). To fill conveniently (it is possible either from above, or from below). The volume is probably indicated taking into account that the bottom part of the tank can not be evaporated (the measurement showed that it is not 5.6 ml but 6.6 ml).In this box, the tightening force is adjustable. The regulator spins pretty tight, but it's comfortable, it does not turn. Can be installed as a tight cigarette, or completely free. You can also block it if you are afraid of leaks during transportation or storage.

aspire plato mod vaporizer

The lid is very conveniently removed and well held by 8 magnets. For convenient ejection of the battery there is a hole.Contacts are good, battery insulation is not spoiled. The negative contact is spring-loaded. On the case there are marks of correct polarity.The built-in charging charges correctly (the control measurement was 4.21 V). The duration of the full charge is slightly longer than 3 hours.The indicator flashes during charging and completely extinguishes when finished. The indicator can be used to determine the degree of charge. On the cover there is a company logo (it is painted, the form does not strain). Bottom of the icon of recycling and the certificate of the possibility of sale in the EU.

 aspire plato parts


Nixies and minuses Aspire Plato 50W TC:

Plato left a pleasant impression of use. It is quite well manufactured, thought out and comfortable. Thanks to the use of different types of replaceable evaporators, it really works correctly both on classical tight cigarette tightening and on loose. As for ready-made factory evaporators, which you just need to install and use, they work very well. Of course, there was a "spoonful of tar":

Maintenance of Evaporator Aspire Nautilus BVC.

- Not the most convenient replacement for evaporators. You need to use a key (or a coin). It is not possible to replace the evaporator without draining the liquid. The tank can not be evaporated completely (there will always be some liquid left on the bottom). However, this residue can be drained through the bottom opening, as well as the actual volume of the tank by almost 1 ml more than the one declared by the manufacturer.

- Built-in tank is uncomfortable to wash, you can fill the water with a battery or a board. But it's good that the tank is made of glass, it can be dismantled and, if necessary, it is possible to replace it.

- The functional board is not the most advanced by modern standards. There is no support for temperature control on stainless steel. True, thanks to the ability to update the firmware, the functionality can expand in the future.

- In the complete set there are no evaporators for work in a mode of the temperature control.

- Can not be used while charging. The minus is also quite relative and in terms of safety and health of the batteries it is even a plus. (I heard about Cuboid failure cases when using it during charging).

Pluses and Advices of Aspire Plato 50W TC:

+ "All in One", stylish and compact, perfectly lies in the hand, it is convenient to carry in your pocket.

+ Large O-LED screen. I liked the auto-rotate function of the image on the gravity sensor, it's convenient.

+ Good electronics, fast voltage supply, no falling asleep, support for temperature control on nickel and titanium. Capacities of 50 watts are enough for complete evaporators. The ability to update the firmware and change the picture when you turn it on.

+ I liked that the battery charge indicator works evenly and accurately to the very end (not like in most other mods, where after half the charge sits very quickly).

+ Good tank capacity. When used with evaporators for tight tightening it is enough for an active work day.

+ Replaceable 18650 battery and just a great realization of the battery cover.

+ There is also a built-in charging. USB connector in the right place. Charging works correctly, you can safely use. The control measure of the fully charged inside the battery showed 4.21 V.

+ Excellent equipment. In the kit there is even a good high-current 18650 battery. To begin to soar separately, you only need to purchase liquid.

SUMMARY: Excellent implementation of the device "all in one" for people who do not want to wind themselves. Good, compact and convenient. It will also be an excellent option for beginners and for girls. Another would have served him, then in general it would be excellent.


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