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Aspire PockeX AIO Starter Kit Review

Aspire PockeX AIO Starter Kit Review

Today we will look at the Aspire PockeX,all-in-one mouth to lung style kit, we're going through the basics on the starter kit and take a closer look to see what it comes with ,then we ‘re going to talk about the pros and cons have a pond this little starter kit, I'll give you my overall thoughts starting off with the basics.

Though it is an all-in-one system designed for mouth to lung vapers. For those not familiar with the mouth lung style that is how most people smoke a cigarette the inhale into their mouth first and then the lung opposed to direct lung, and the battery on this all-in one kit is a 1500mAh power battery, you can't remove the tank, the tank is attached to the base, you can pop this part off to clean and stuff but the tank itself is not removable, this little starter kit does have 2ml capacity and it does have top airflow not just well though and it is top filling, so to fill it up, you just unscrew that top cap for your liquid in.

aspire pockex review
So here's the package of the aspire pockex,you'll get an additional 0.6ohm Nautilus X coil used to this coil, this is the same one that comes pre-installed and you can see two pretty big cotton in takes right there, good size coil you can see the airflow and the eutectic all here comes through down up out through the top that is how this coil works little bit different I like that aspire trying new things instead of making the same old coils they did, it definitely worker for me, it probably use some improvements but overall it's a good coil.

aspire pockex

You'll get a micro USB cord to charge your device and you'll have your aspire pockeX here.
you have your fire button right here, is a plastic fire button ,five clicks off ,when you know when your battery is getting low and it's time to charge, USB port is located on the bottom.

aspire pockex coils

You have a Delrin drip tip on here that derivative does pop off, you can see that here it is top filling, so to fill it up ,you're going to unscrew the top cap, that is simple ,very easy to use, Joyetech AIO is good but this one takes it a step further and to me, this is an improved version of that no spit back on these coils, nice tight airflow to stimulate that mouth to lung style, overall, just a great device.

aspire pockex replacement glass

Then let's move to the pros and cons, starting off with the cause but this thing, I think there is no cons, it's a good work, easy to use starter kit for someone looking for a mouth to lung style, they've have zero leaking, I've had zero spit back, I have a little bit of a girly but that does clear itself out and that does not result in any spit back, I do wish it had airflow control rather than just top airflow, so you could tweak a little bit but they want to make this designed specifically for mouth to lung vapers ,so that's why has that closed very tight area sort of resembling a cigarette drag style, they are the pros though very easy to use, very simple all-in-one, you don't have to worry about picking the coils ,it comes with two 0.6ohm coils with the Nautilus X, they work great, very easy to use.


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