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Aspire SPEEDER Starter Kit vs SMOK GX2/4 TC Kit

Aspire SPEEDER Starter Kit vs SMOK GX2/4 TC Kit

Hey,vapors! Recnetly, some manufacturers are paying more attention to produce a device with powerful, compact size and ergonomics design, such as Aspire and SMOK. And Aspire Speeder 200W Kit, SMOK GX2/4 220/350W Kit are example of their work at this period. So, today, let's take a look at the Aspire SPEEDER Starter Kit and SMOK GX2/4 TC Kit. We'll find out the similarity and differences between these two vape kits.

SMOK GX2/4 220/350W Kit

SMOK GX2/4 Kit
The SMOK GX2/4 is a modular vaping device that allows you to switch from a dual-battery setup to a quad-battery one with the simple press of a button, it has been called “The Transformer” of mods by most users, and we would have to agree wholeheartedly. This device will last you several days without needing a recharge, and now you can have the best of both worlds for the price of a single kit. As for me, the GX 2/4 is essentially a SMOK Alien II and an Alien IV in one device.

You can use two of the 18650 batteries to power up to 220 watts — you can also add two additional 19650 batteries to the mod by replacing the battery cover. This quad mode extends battery life and allows the user to power up to 350 watts, which is an incredible option for expert vapers. The SMOK GX2/4 Kit features a vibrant vertically orientated 0.96 Inch OLED display, operated by a signature squeeze-to-fire mechanism and two adjustment buttons located below the screen. Paired with the GX2/4 is the well-executed TFV8 Big Baby Tank, a quintessential compact form factor with a staggering 5 milliliter juice reservoir, signature hinged top-fill, and the utilizing the impressive V8 Baby Turbo Engines Coil Structure. When combining with TFV8 Big Baby, you could have double experiences immediately.

Aspire Speeder 200W Kit

Aspire Speeder Starter Kit
With a design reminiscent of the Predator, but with rounded edges and a more comfortable feel, Aspire Speeder looks like it was designed with practicality and ergonomics in mind. A compact dual 18650 mod with comfortable, rounded form and just enough texture for a sure grip, the Aspire Speeder Kit is one of the first high powered mods from Aspire for a long long time.

The Speeder 200W is packed with all of the standard features you would come to expect from a company like Aspire, plus a few extras. The Aspire Speeder 200W TC Starter Kit offers a mod with a maximum output of 200W, along with a full temperature control suite. The Speeder mod itself is equipped with a 0.96-inch OLED screen that displays unusually large, but crystal clear, fonts, laying out essential information to the user. While the Aspire Athos Sub-Ohm Tank is 25mm in diameter, with a threaded top fill system, along with a stainless steel protective glass sleeve, in the color combination of the Kit.


Now, let's see the differences and similarities between these two kits. Both SMOK GX2/4 and Aspire Speeder have a large and bright OLED screen, while SMOK is vertical, and Aspire is convenient and automatically turns. Comes with a stainless steel connector and a spring-loaded positive pin, as well as large side fire button.
SMOK GX2/4 meets all your demands with the smallest size among all 220W mods in the global. Meanwhile, its power can upgrade to 350W via replacing the battery cover. When combining with TFV8 Big Baby, you could have double experiences immediately. Resembled battery cover brings new twins mission vaping area. It's a perfect kit, while comes to the cons, I have to say, the GX2/4 mod's screen is not scratch proof at all, besides, the battery door mechanism needs improvement.

Asprie Speeder features what really does look like a true ergonomic design and is powered by x2 18650 batteries, it is not only looks good it can hit up to 200 watts. The kit also comes with a partner tank developed expecially to make best use of the power available--The Athos tank. I am only slightly disappointed by the engraving of the fire button it is a dirt magnet, also the Oled screen collects finger prints easily.

In conclusion, both kits are with great performance. You can choose cater to your preference, if you try to find out a powerful kits which can last long time vaping, the GX2/4 would be better. But when you try to get a compact kits, the Speeder would be better.


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