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Best 10 Vape RDTA Tanks 2019

Best 10 Vape RDTA Tanks 2019

RDTA Tanks (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers) are new and innovative tank system which features both rebuildable base and tank section that would drip the E-Juice on top of your coils by pressing a mechanism. RDTA Tank is the combo of RTA and RDA.

Asmodus Nefarius RDTA

Asmodus Nefarius RDTA

Asmodus introduces the Nefarius Squonk RDTA, a 25mm diameter RDTA with dual posts, three different airflow configuration, and the capabilities to be used as either a top fill or bottom feed rebuildable tank atomizer. The build deck features two posts and four terminals; Each terminals measuring at 3mm by 1mm each with side mounted Hex screws to secure coil leads. The Nefarius RDTA has centralized fill port and also features four wicking ports to keep your cotton perfectly saturated. The Nefarius RDTA is capable of holding a maximum of 4ml of E-Liquid. Airflow enters the Nefarius RDTA via dual adjustable airslots with three configurations, the widest point being 6mm by 3mm, middle point is 6mm by 2mm, and the smallest point is 6mm by 1mm, each can be adjusted via top cap and can be fully closed. Included with the Nefarius RDTA are two 810 drip tips, one resin and one Delrin and one glass tank sections.

Steam Crave Titan RDTA

Steam Crave Titan RDTA

Steam Crave Titan RDTA is a really huge rebuildable tank vape atomizer from Steam Crave Vape Aromamizer family. It comes with 28ml juice capacity and 41mm diameter for high powered vapers. Featuring beautiful big engravings/knurlings on top and bottom, it is easy to grip and disassemble. The replacement parts turn the Titan from RDA mode to 18ml (extra short glass tube) or 28ml RDTA modes. Together with the innovative LEGO style Modular build deck, which allows for endless coil build possibilities it is transformable from Postless to Velocity and series modes, Titan RDTA will bring you an diverse and miraculous vaping experience.

Vandy Vape Pyro V2 BF RDTA

Vandy Vape Pyro V2 BF RDTA

Vandy Vape Pyro V2 RDTA features 24mm diameter compatible with almost vape box mods and 2ml/4ml e juice capacity satisfying your daily needed. The postless build deck features vertical dual coil installation design that you can build single coil, dual coils or other heating elements easily. Besides, there is also a coil lead guide included to help you cut heating wire, so beginners are also simple to do it. Designed as leak-proof top airflow, Pyro V2 RDTA comes with a sophisticated top cap ensures mixed airflow intake to hit the coils. Vandy Vape Pyro V2 could be filled by top oil dripping or bottom feeding, and a gold-plated squonk pin is included in the package.



THC Tauren RDTA is a creative 24mm diameter RDTA featuring 3D surrounding airflow system, it has 2ml e-liquid capacity with an open to fill port that allows for easy refilling. Constructed by stainless steel, brass, and copper, it is very durable. With the simple and unique 45° building deck, you can install the dual coils so easy. The most outstanding point of the Tauren BF RDTA is its double sides intake system and 28 micro air holes, which will bring strong throat hit and delicate flavor when you vaping. This package comes with a Regular gold-plated 510 pin and BF pin, it can work with both regular mods and squonk mods.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA

Vapefly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA Atomizer is the atomizer that can offer you top-notch flavor. Vapefly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA has bottom air slot and two-sided airflow channels at the same time, which form 360° surrounding airflow to deliver large could and rich flavor. While the top chamber is ultra tight and small, compressing the large cloud into smaller size and bringing intense flavor and throat hit. On two sides, multi-sized airflow holes create the 6-levels airflow adjustment, thus you can control the airflow more accurately. Designed with unique limitless screw AFC system, it offers you more selections. As for filling e-liquid, the spring-loaded filling port(press-to-fill design) is compatible with common filling bottles, and it can close automatically after refilling. Also, bottom feeding is supported to avoid flitting-up of e-juice.


VAPUFF M24 RDTA tank atomizer_vaporl.com

Vapuff M24 RDTA Tank Atomizer features the spring loaded clamp screw-less build deck that is easy to twist the wrench by hand. It is compatible with the mesh coil and traditional single&dual coil. With the adjustable bottom and side draw airflow system, the Vapuff M24 gives you totally different vaping experience. Comes with the 4ml capacity and ULTEM drip tip, it is the convenient RDTA for the chase cloud vapor.

SerisVape Bomb UFO V1.5 RDTA

SerisVape BOMB UFO V1.5 RDTA tank atomizer_vaporl.com

If you are searching for an RDTA with outstanding performance and unusual exterior then the SerisVape BOMB UFO V1.5 RDTA is an ideal choice! Just like its name, the BOMB UFO V1.5 features an unique nuclear warhead appearance. The sizeable airflow holes adopts a pentagram shape for different air inlet. The innovative seal plug can act as a heat diffusion element and Hex wrench. The BOMB UFO V1.5 RDTA has a two-way airflow to bring you a different vapor taste.

Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA

Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA tank atomizer_vaporl.com

Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA, made of high quality stainless steel and pyrex glass, comes with three fashionable colors for option. Mesh Plus RDTA features large 3.5ml e juice capacity and convenient side filling design. Precise airflow system offers great flavor and eliminates leakage. New Vapefly RDTA with innovative no dry burning mesh coil design. Meanwhile, large postless clamp deck allow it compatible with mesh coil and single or dual normal coils.

KangerTech AITE RDTA

KangerTech Aite RDTA tank atomizer_vaporl.com

KangerTech presents one more high quality and good performing atomizer. It is an addition to the RDTA category. The KangerTech Aite RDTA is made with a highly intuitive airflow design to provide you great performance. With the help of such construction, it aims at creating an effective passage to the optimal flavor. This atomizer is a must-try for those vapers who are passionate about cloud chasing. As for e-juice capacity, it can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. To fill the RDTA you need to remove the drip tip and fill e-juice from the air hole. As well, you need to add e-juice on the cotton.

Vandy Vape Perseus RDTA

Vandy_Vape_Perseus_RDA, Kylin RTA_vaporl.com

Perseus RDTA is primarily constructed of stainless steel and Pyrex-Glass. This RDTA sports an overall diameter of 24mm, so it’ll surely look good on your larger box mods! In addition, this atomizer does include multiple wide bore drip tips. The Vandy Vape Perseus RDTA has a 4ml e-liquid capacity, and features an easy locking top cap. In addition, this RDTA supports both single and dual coil builds! Lastly, the new Vandy Vape Perseus RDTA features a bottom airflow design that brings about incredible flavor and vapor production!

Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V2 RDTA

steam crave aromamizer supreme v2 rdta_vaporl.com

Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V2 RDTA with 5ml e-juice capacity is a rebuildable tank atomizer with 2-post velocity style build deck. The atomizer adopts 16.5mm bigger deck and 2.5mm bigger juice holes to fit larger coils. The RDTA also has juice flow control and segmented airflow control design. Aromamizer Supreme V2 combines the full flavor of a dripper with the convenience of a tank. SS color.


ijoy rdta 5 tank, ijoy limitless rdta tank_vaporl.com

IJOY as the leader of RDTA category, continue to introduce new, overthrow the past, reshaping the future. IJOY RDTA 5 is the fifth generation in the RDTA line, the innovative top fill design, makes the refill never been so simple! Upgrade multiple airflow system, add the bottom adjustable airflow to the traditional side adjustable airflow, feel full of pleasure with airflow and cloud vapor. Unique resin drip tip, isolated heat and at the same time to meet the individual needs.

Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA

geekvape medusa reborn rdta tank, geekvape aegis mod_vaporl.com

The Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA has been redesigned and "reborn" while maintaining a simplified inner structure that is easy to build on and use. The Medusa Reborn features a quick access system that allows for easy access to the build deck and fill port. The Medusa Reborn features a large 3.5ml deep juice well and features the ability to refill or drip e-Liquid. The Medusa Reborn features a new dual split post build deck with unique elevated posts for vertical coil builds. The upgraded build deck allows for a wide variety of coil builds such as Clapton and staggered coils. The quad airflow slots may be adjusted to your personal preferences. A bottom feeding squonker pin is also included for squonk mods.


ijoy combo rdta 2 tank, ijoy captain pd270 mod_vaporl.com

JOY Combo RDTA 2 is the next generation of IJOY Combo RDTA with a capacity of 6.5ml. The new unique two post build deck is arranged in a unique clamp snag system that features a large knurled thumb screw and a single slot space on each post which allows for adjustment without tool and tightening as well as for extra large coil leads. Implementing the ultem wide bore drip tip, inheriting side filling system and adjustable side airflow, IJOY Combo RDTA 2 provides huge vapor production and hassle free refilling.

Ample Vape Pixy RDTA

Ample Vape Pixy RDTA Tank, Vandy Vape Kylin RTA_vaporl.com

Ample Vape Pixy RDTA with dual coil building features 25mm diameter and 4.5ml e-juice capacity. It has a cute design and offers you three different color options: Black, Silver and Yellow. The Pixy RDTA adopts a dual mode airflow on the side with a unique internal airflow control ring which = smooth airflow and huge vapor. Together with a universal 810 drip tip, large oil hole for convenient refilling and easy dual coils building deck, the Pixy RDTA will bring you an excellent vaping experience.

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ijoy combo rdta tank atomizer_vaporl.com

COMBO RDTA TANK has been improved and optimized on the basis of IJOY Limitless RDTA. It is the very first RDTA tank which features an interchangeable gold-plated deck. With this atomizer, you can use any deck you like. More addition, it can be assembled into COMBO RDA with an RDA base. Besides, pre-made coils are allowed to use. Imagination is limitless, design is limitless, COMBO is limitless!

CoilART Azeroth RDTA

CoilART Azeroth RDTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.com

The CoilART Azeroth RDTA is one of the first clamp style RDTA's available on the market and is purpose built for performance featuring triple slotted direct to coil airflow, a 4ml tank capacity, and huge amounts of overall airflow. The Azeroth measures 24mm in diameter with 18mm of usable build space. Airflow enters the build deck directly through dual triple slotted diagonally positioned airslots, with each airslot measuring 6mm by 1mm. The airflow system is throttled via cutouts milled in the drip cap. The construction of the Azeroth utilizes high quality 304 stainless steel and glass, with 24K Gold Plating on the deck, posts, and 510 connection to provide superior conductivity and durability.

VGOD TrickTank Pro RDTA

VGOD_TrickTank_Pro_RDTA, VGOD PRO MECH MOD_vaporl.com

Built and designed by professionals, for professionals. The VGOD TrickTank Pro RDTA is a beautiful American engineered hardware that was conceived for serious vapers, flavors cravers & trick benders. The VGOD Tricktank Pro RDTA features a four hole velocity style build deck with gold plated copper posts that supports a wide variety of coil builds. This RDTA features a self wicking pressure system with a large 4.0ml e-liquid capacity.


ijoy limitless rdta classic edition, limitless plus rdta tank atomizer_vaporl.com

The IJOY LIMITLESS RDTA Classic Edition features a interchangeable decks design. The pre-installed deck is specifically designed for high levels of building, allowing users to enjoy a great vapor experience. The gold plated 510 connection ensures great conductivity, with the positive post fully secured and insulated with PEEK. The device has a large capacity of 6.9ml, which can avoid constant refilling. Besides, the innovative side filling makes it easy to refill and keeps your hands clear.


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