Best Cigarette Heating Kit without Burning, Vaporizers for Tobacco, Heat Not Burn Kit

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Best Cigarette Heating Kit without Burning, Vaporizers for Tobacco, Heat Not Burn Kit

Traditional smoking always causes yellow teeth, bad breath, cancer caused by tar and environmental impact. Heat Not Burn device can solve all the problems mentioned above. At the same time, it will not influence the people around smokers as the gas of the device is fragrant. And these cigarette heating kit can reduce the risk of fire as the cigarette does not light.

Best Cigarette Heating Kit without Burning, Vaporizers for Tobacco, Heat Not Burn

IUOC Heating Kit

IUOC Heating

IUOC Heating Kit is a new heat not burn device. When using IUOC, we just need to put the whole cigarette into it without any additive and then start heating. The temperature of tobacco will be at around 350. It will produce extremely mellow taste of nicotine and tobacco without tar and solid harmful substance. There will be not fire, no tar, no second hand smoking, no ash and no dust.

The tobacco temperature will reach 1000 when lighting the cigarette. Tar (mixture of harmful substance) will be produced between 500 and 900. And it will flow through respiratory tract to lung. 90% of them will adhere to the lung and cause harm to lung even induce lung cancer. In addition, tar can accelerate angiosclerosis.

iBuddy i1 Heating Kit

ibuddy i1 heating

The iBuddy i1 Heating Kit is an innovative cigarette heating device with special vaping experience for both vapers and smokers. With the integrated design and easy operation, the iBuddy i1 features a compact body with gorgeous appearance for comfortable hand-feeling and pocket-friendly. The iBuddy i1 utilizes an advanced pin-style heating element with longer lifespan and 1800mAh built-in battery to offer you a long time vaping without charging. It also can calculate the puffs automatically during working. The iBuddy i1 is pretty easy to set up and vape on-the-go. Moreover, it’s compatible with IQOS cigarette units.

If you are seeking for the authentic tobacco taste besides vaping, the iBuddy i1 Heating Kit is just that for you!

Philip Morris IQOS

Philip Morris

IQOS Heating Kit innovative technology heats tobacco without burning, generating a nicotine containing vapour that yields on average less than 10% of the levels of harmful constituents found in cigarette smoke. IQOS does not produce smoke or ash and the vapour has far less smell than cigarette smoke. IQOS complements PMI’s portfolio of non-combustible alternatives to cigarettes in the UK which already includes e-cigarettes like Vivid and MESH by Nicocig.

As it heats but does not burn tobacco, IQOS generates no smoke or ash but a flavourful vapour containing nicotine, which does not adversely affect indoor air quality and produces less smell than cigarette smoke.

Japan Tobacco Ploom Model 2

Ploom Model Two

Ploom Model Two Kit is a hand-held device for warming Ploom proprietary whole-leaf tobacco pods just enough to release their flavor in the form of a delicious, satisfying vapor instead of smoke. You can ploom four to five flavorful pods on each charge. No hassle. No mess. Perfect every time.

Ploom uses the process of vaporization, heating tobacco instead of burning it, releasing active ingredients and natural oilsinto a subtle vapor. Vaporization produces no combustion, therefore eliminating second-hand smoke. With no ash, no foul smell, and no smoke, with Ploom you can savor the full taste of tobacco in most indoor locations. This isn't smoking; this is plooming. Real tobacco. Satisfying vapor. It's time to rethink tobacco.

British American Tobacco GLO

British American Tobacco

GLO Heating Kit is what can be considered a classic HNB cigarette where a heating element is coupled to a disposable Kent tobacco stick. In contrast, the Glo iFuse, launched in Romania by BAT in 2015, is a sort of hybrid e-cigarette working with Kent NeoPod cartridges, a combination of a tobacco stick and a flavored nicotine liquid. The British company expands its portfolio towards HNB cigarettes, e-cigarettes and licensed medicinal products.


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