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Top 12 Best Vape Mods 2019

Top Best Vape Mods and Box Mods 2019

"Best box mods of 2019 so far? Looking for a new box mod. Last one was an x priv and before that an alien. Which mod should I get and what good features does your suggestion have?"

A user from Reddit

Some users are wondering which is the best new vape mods 2019 on Reddit. Actually this is a very wide topic. After reading their needs carefully, I found what they really want is the mod with basic features and less than 100 or 50 dollars. There are also some users who are tried of their old mod and planning to switch to a new one with high quality. We know that vape mods improve the battery life than pens and is really good choice for long term vaping. Today, we are going to recommend some of the most popular cool mods of this year.

Best Box Mods

Box mod is one of the most popular mod type for years. To be simple, it is a power source supplies power to the vaping atomizer by using one or more rechargeable batteries. This kind of mod is more friendly to the environment as you charge the battery instead of throwing it away when the power dies. The following are the best rated box vape mods.

1.Vandy Vape JACKAROO


Produced by the famous vape company Vandy Vape, the Vandy Vape Jackaroo mod comes with it’s powerful waterproof function, shock resistance and dust proof function. Speaking of waterproof, Geekvape Aegis series cannot be excluded, but this one is smaller and takes a sing 2×700 battery. From the build and design, we can see that Jackaroo mod is great and solid. This rectangle box comes with up to 12 colors for users choice, which is really amazing.

Another point we care most is the performance. According to the test from us and other users, the max achieved wattage was 106.s. Besides, this mod won’t get hot after using for hours, which shows the performance is good if not great.

2. Vaporesso LUXE 220W Touch Screen TC Box Mod

Vaporesso LUXE 220W Touch Screen TC Box Mod

Vaporesso LUXE Box Mod is an amazing box from the first moment I saw it. The design and screen is so gorgeous that I just regard it as the best looking vape mods. The maximum wattage is 220w and powered by dual 18650 batteries. Seven colors are available for this mod, the one I like most is the Iris, which also the most popular color on the market.

About the touch screen, it will show you the vaping data, such as battery percentage, wattage, resistance and modes for your reference. The fire button is also interesting. Pressing the fire button locks the adjustment buttons until you press it again three time. To turn on or off the device, you need to click five times.

3. SMOK Morph 219 Touch Screen Mod

smok morph 219 touch screen mod

SMOK Morph 219 Touch Screen Mod is another touch screen mod we are going to recommend today. The touch screen shows you the battery life, mode type, resistance, voltage and other data, which make it easy to use. A note here is, when the touchscreen lock icon show “unlocked”, touch it instead of pressing it.

Moreover, another surprising feature of this mode is the passcode function. You can set a passcode for your vape in the first time to avoid others touching, which is safe for you.

4. Voopoo DRAG 2 Platinum 177W TC Box Mod

voopoo brag 2 platinum box mod

Artisan Vapor Company released Voopoo DRAG 2 Platinum 177W TC Box Mod a few days ago. For me, the most impressive feature of this mod’s design, it feels like artistic. After checking the tech specifications, I think it also can be one of the best high end vape mods 2019. Why? This mod features an innovative gene chip with multiple power output adjustments, it optimizes battery efficiency to the highest degree too.

5. Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W TC Box Mod

geekvape aegis mini box mod

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W TC Box Mod is anther powerful waterproof mod we are reviewed. The built-in battery is 2200mAh and the voltage is 80W. Specking of the materials, this mod is made of mixture of alloy, leather and SLI silicon, which make it very durable and compact.

The bottom has covered vent holds to resist water and damage, but is the battery vents, it blows the hols out. The screen, show the information of vape mod, resistance, amp, volts and more. Below the screen, there’s a USB plug to the mod.

Best Squonk Mods

Squonk mods,or regulated squonk mod have been there for a long time and become really popular these days, especially for vapers who are using an RDA. There’s a built-in e-liquid bottle on this kind of mod, and can store much e-juice than many other capacity tanks. If you are also an RDA user, perhaps the following list will help you to buy the best mods for your vape.

1.Dovpo Topside Squonk 90W TC Box Mod

dovpo topside squonk box mod

Dovpo Topside Squonk 90W TC Box Mod has been the first top filling squonk mod in the whole world. This mod equipped with 10ml silicone e-juice bottle to meet almost every vaper's need. First, I really appreciate the build and design of this one. It is so solid and slick; even it only has the power mode and bypass, I still love it.

There's also a firmware update available, which can be used to add temperature control capability. On the topside, five clicks on the fire button to turn the device on or off, same as most of the vape mods. What I must mention is the excellent squonk fill system, brings the best experience than ever.

2. Lostvape Drone BF Squonk DNA250C 200W Mod

lostvape drone bf squonk mod

Lostvape Drone BF Squonk DNA250C 200W Mod is also one of the best vape mods of 2019 that I'd love to have a clear introduction. From the first moment I saw this kind of mod, I really think it's a high end device. It is the upgraded version of the first edition of Drone BF, with 8ml large liquid capacity and 200W output. Lostvape Drone BF Squonk is also pretty light for a 2 battery squonk according to the users' feedback.

3.Wismec Luxotic DF 200W Squonk Box Mod

wismec luxotic df squonk box mod

If someone ask me what is the best selling vape mod of this year, I must say Wismec Luxotic DF 200W Squonk Box Mod. With a pretty low price 19.9 dollars, this mod has been really popular this year. It offers 4 colors, black, blue, green and white. The capacity if 7 ml e-liquid bottle. Also, it is equipped with a 1.3 inch OLED screen to show the vaping data.

4. Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 220W Squonk TC Mod

vandy vape pulse dual 220 w squonk tc mod

Placed with two 18650 batteries, Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 220W Squonk TC Mod can reach up to 220W maximum output. Temperature mode, voltage mode and bypass mode are all available on this as it comes with the upgraded Vandy chip. 5 clicks on and off, 3 fast clicks of the fire button to enter the fire menu.

Speaking of the performance of this squonk mod, it is really great. The battery life is on the top level so does the flavor. You know what's the part people like most? The build and design. It is very comfortable to hold and use, the space to press the bottle is also wide.

5.Dovpo Topside Dual 200W Top Squonk Box Mod

dovpo topside dual

Dovpo Topside Dual 200W Top Squonk Box Mod is another top fill mode and is more powerful version of the Topside Squonker. This new version comes with the extended battery life and more power (200W) compared with the former version. It also has the bypass mode, temperature mode and power mode. This mod has a 10 ml large squonk bottle liquid capacity to satisfy all vapers needs.

Best Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods send battery current to the atomizer regardless of its resistance, that's the difference with regulated box mods. There's no restrictions on electronic regulations or protections, which make it easy for users to customize the atomizer and materials used on the mech mod. Here are some of the best selling vape mods of 2019 that are mechanical style.

1. Acrohm Fush Semi Mech Mod

acrohm fush semi mech mod

There are less people using mechanical mods these days, but still some people cannot abandon this traditional style. The first one I want to introduce is Acrohm Fush Semi Mech Mod. Embedded with a single 18650 battery, this mod claims to offer the most powerful vaping feeling for all vapers. What more amazing is, there's a light spreading feature around the body, which is really cool. After I unpack the package, I got a Fush mod, warranty card, reminder card and user manual.

2.Uwell Nunchaku 80W Pen Style TC Mod

uwell nunchaku

Uwell Nunchaku 80W Pen Style TC Mod is made of stainless steel and with the size of diameter 27.4 mm × height 94.5 mm. The package includes a Nunchaku mod, USB cable and a user's manual just like the other mods. I like the ergonomic design of this one, it feels nice once you got it on hand. It is also a touch screen device, which shows you the vaping data on its high quality screen.

That's it. All the best vape mods to buy on 2019 for clouds, flavor and price are reviewed as above. No matter you are looking foe the affordable mods under 50 or 60 dollars, good looking mods to be cool or mod with 18650 battery, you can find all your options here. We’ll keep updating this post to provide users the newest commendation on their vaping mod choice. If you think this post is helpful, don't forget to share with your friends.


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