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CoilART Mage RTA Review

CoilART Mage RTA Review

I will share my impression of a much thought-out, but not without flaws, device called CoilART Mage RTA Tank Atomizer.

CoilART MAGE RTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.com

Package and Specification of CoilART Mage RTA

The device comes in a small cardboard box, square shape, with a window on the front side, through which through the inscription with the name of the company can be seen all the equipment. The sides and sides indicate the volume and diameter of the device, its name and links to official resources. On the reverse side, as standard, there is a complete set, information about the manufacturer and certificates.

The protective layer with the code for checking the originality was placed on the inside of the box, which will have a good effect on its safety during transportation. Inside the box in the foam rubber is the device itself and additional parts to it. The kit is very rich and includes a bunch of multi-colored O-rings, thanks to which you can customize the appearance of the device for yourself, as well as there is a spare glass, screws and brand yellow wipe band, which in each separate copy can be of a different color.


  1. The CoilART Mage RTA
  2. Replacement glass
  3. O-rings
  4. Screws
  5. Hexagonal wrench

Package of CoilART Mage RTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.com

Appearance and Design of CoilART Mage RTA

The CoilART Mage RTA is a tank made of 304 Stainless Steel, Pyrex-glass and Delrin, from which its upper part is made. On the review the device is of a steel color, but a black version is possible. In addition, the appearance can be customized with the help of multi-colored O-rings, included in the kit. On the body there are engravings with the name of the company and the device.

CoilART Mage RTA, Mage GTA, CoilART Azeroth RDTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.com

With its relatively compact size, the tank holds more liquid than the progenitor from another company. The filling is realized from above, by unscrewing the Delrin top-cap. In this tank there is no possibility of shutting off the supply of liquid to the evaporation chamber. The tightening torque can be adjusted using the adjusting ring. From the bottom is the 510th connector and information about the manufacturer with certificates.

CoilART Mage RTA UK Review_vaporl.com


  1. Diameter: 24 mm
  2. Height: 39.5 mm
  3. Volume: 3.5 ml
  4. Weight: 40g

The design of the device on one side seems very simple, but at first glance it becomes clear that there is no access to the spirals without draining the liquid. Immediately note the quality of the tank, everything is done and processed very well. With the rest of the nuances we will get acquainted further.

Component Part of CoilART Mage RTA_vaporl.com


The top-cap is made of delirium, due to which it is slightly heated during the soaring at high power. Its form is quite convenient from the point of view of tactile perception, but it raises several questions during operation. First, there are no incisions for a comfortable grip. Secondly, the thread is cut inside the top-cap and can be damaged in case of mismatch with the thread on the body of the tank itself. Therefore, it is necessary to make such actions very accurately and not to tighten the top-cap very much, because to unscrew it later can be very problematic. If you for some reason do not like this form, you can use any 510th drip-type, installing it from above in the top-cap hole.

Top-Cap of CoilART Mage RTA, CoilART RDTA_vaporl.com

Refueling Ring

On the top of the tank, again, there are no incisions for a convenient grip to disassemble the device and subsequent rinsing. I have no more complaints. For filling, two large holes are provided, in which it is possible to fill the liquid, as "out of the bucket". On the top are two sealing O-rings under the top-cap, from below one O-ring for the bulb and one for the skirt of the evaporation chamber.

Refueling Ring of CoilART Mage RTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.com

Glass Tube

The tube is made of Pyrex-glass, a spare is included, but it is better to protect it from damage using the branded wipe band that comes with this device. The e-juice capacity is 3.5ml, similar to the CoilART Mage GTA Tank Atomizer.

Pyrex Glass Tube of Coilart rta, coilart rdta tank atomizer_vaporl.com


The skirt has four small holes for feeding liquid into the evaporation chamber. To ensure that these holes are located opposite the cotton, on the inside there are special grooves, which are combined with the protrusions in the vicinity of the air ducts on the base. The skirt itself rests on the base of the support table on the inside. After which it is screwed into the base by the thread, the sealing provides one O-ring.

CoilART Mage RTA Tank atomizer_vaporl.com


The design of the base is a bicycle rack, two holes with a diameter of 2mm in each, plus installed on a peek-insulator. Spirals are fixed with screws for the hexagon key, located on the side. Winding can be installed greasy without problems, since the size of the deck is 15.5mm. The blowing holes have a diameter of 4mm; the air is taken from the outside through three 1x9mm holes, the size of which can be adjusted by means of a ring with a locking mechanism. Cotton also fits into large grooves on the sides of the blowing; a better fixation of the tails of cotton provides additional grooves at the bottom of the ducts. Cotton can be laid as before, and after installing the skirt, which fixes the rotating deck. Under the glass flask there is an O-ring, which can be replaced with a similar one of the other color from the kit. Below is information about the manufacturer and certificates, as well as the 510th connector with an unregulated and slightly bulging gold-plated pin, so I do not recommend using this tank on devices with a hybrid connector for safety reasons.

Deck of CoilART Mage RTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.com

Installation of Spiral and Laying Cotton in CoilART Mage RTA

Setting up the spiral and laying the cotton is not much different from other tanks with bicycle racks, if you do not pay attention to the rotation of the base in a circle, but this does not completely interfere. In the rest everything is standard, so the build will be just as standard.

CoilART RDA, CoilART RDTA, CoilART Mage GTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.com

I prepared two Fused Clapton 2x0.4/0.15 for a 2.5 mm rim in the amount of 5.5 turns. Then fix the legs of the spirals in the rack, tighten the screws, cut off the excess and burn with alignment. With cotton, you can figure out after installing the skirt, pulling the tails up, cutting them on the upper level of the skirt and laying in the grooves, pressing a little to the fluid supply holes. Or do it first, and then wind the skirt and patch the cotton to the fluid supply holes.

CoilART Mage RTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.comCoilART Mage RTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.comCoilART Mage RTA, CoilART RDTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.com

Fitting the CoilART Mage RTA

Previously, in the tank, I replaced the black complete O-rings for spare yellow and it turned out very nice.

CoilART Mage RTA Tank Atomizer_vaporl.com

Impressions of CoilART Mage RTA

Here we are and we reached this point. Above we reviewed the packaging and configuration, appearance and characteristics of the tank from the company CoilART. Let's try out all the above and written to highlight the main points, and specifically the pros and cons, on the basis of which we will make a further conclusion.


  • Compact size
  • Quality of assembly and processing of materials
  • A convenient base for installing spirals
  • The possibility of using 510-th drip-types
  • Adjusting the air supply to the evaporating chamber
  • Top dressing
  • Good equipment
  • Ability to customize the appearance
  • Good taste transfer


  • No control of the supply of liquid to the vaporization chamber
  • No incisions on the body for a comfortable grip when unscrewing and twisting
  • No access to spirals without draining the fluid

The CoilART Mage RTA Tank Atomizer has both advantages and disadvantage, but against the background of its direct competitor and progenitor, it looks better, in my opinion. The larger diameter of the device had a good effect on the capacity, the size of the deck and the convenience of installing the spirals. To open the potential, small holes in the evaporation chamber completely interfere, so I recommend an interval from 60 to 80 W. In these moments, you need to be lucky to unscrew the top-cap without a notch from the first time and spin back after refueling, without ripping off the thread. But after that, your skill in laying the cotton will already be confirmed, if everything is done correctly and the tank does not leak, as there is no overlap of the supply of liquid to the evaporation chamber, and you will not get access to the spirals without draining the liquid. These are the features of this device, which you need to reconcile, and to the tank itself you need to be more attentive and prepared and then it will conjure you with tasty and thick clouds.


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