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Digiflavor Lynx RDA Tank Review

Digiflavor Lynx RDA Tank Review

Digiflavor LYNX RDA Tank Atomizer

Today I’m going to talk about the Digiflavor Lynx RDA Tank. The LYNX RDA Atomizer features 25mm diameter, 2ml juice capacity, a stubby little wide-bore drip tip at the top,combining a spring-loaded two-post with clamp mechanism with a dynamic airflow control that can switch from bottom airflow structure for MTL users or side airflow for cloud chasing enthusiasts. In my opinion, Digiflavor Lynx RDA is the best atomizer that appeared in drip construction recently.

Digiflavor LYNX RDA Tank Atomizer

The Lynx RDA Tank is available in two colors:Black and Stainless Steel. I ordered the Color Stainless Steel Atmoizer.So here is the package, the Lynx RDA comes with:1 Lynx RDA, a wide derlin drip-tip, spare screws, o-rings and an Aleen Key, there is also an adapter for 510-d drip tip.

Digiflavor LYNX RDA Tank Atomizer

Alright here is the Lynx RDA, we can see the Digiflavor logo and a wide derlin drip tip, and we can screw on 510 adapter, which is exactly the same as GeekVape Griffin 25 tanks. And the Lynx RDA and number can be seen at the bottom.

Digiflavor LYNX RDA Tank Atomizer

Maybe you will confused, where is the airflow? This Lynx RDA airflow are differ from others, designed with a unique mid-airflow that allows users to conveniently swithch between flavor(Mouth to Lung) or cloud chasing(Direct Lung) vaping styles. The Lynx has both bottom and side airflow that we can switch between the tow by simply twisting the top cap up and down. It sports a typical 3-piece design, but the airflow slots are exposed by unscrewing the top part of the body from the bottom in the middle.

Digiflavor LYNX RDA Tank Atomizer

The build deck is a nice, modern layout that gives you plenty of space to work. The Spring loaded clamps are a dream to build on with enough room for larger diameter wire, that make me impress. And it supports any kind of coil, you don't need to awkwardly lift up the post clamps while you’re trying to install your build.

Digiflavor LYNX RDA Tank Atomizer

For the cotton we just need to twist in the end and insert in the coil, cut off the extra cotton and struck into the tank. The cotton itself at first prime probably held 2ml of juice. Then I fill the e-juice into the tank, ensure liquid pooling here to drip back down to your cotton and coils. Once the coils were in place, there was plenty of room for them and cotton to ensure the best possible wicking. This makes for a thirsty build that handles plenty of e-liquid.

I think the Digiflavor Lynx RDA tank is an extremely versatile rebuildable dripping atomizer platform that combines a builder friendly two post spring loaded clamp style deck with an innovative notched and threaded chassis design with dual airflow systems. I really like the Lynx RDA tank, for the unique mid-airflow with bottom and side airflow to switch different vaping style,that really makes the Lynx very cool. While for the cons, the Lynx is a good little RDA that makes it very hard to overfill.Secondly, it's difficult to adjust on the bottom airflow if not fully open or fully closed. and it may run a little hot when working.

Overall, the Digiflavor Lynx is a great RDA atomizer with amazing flavor in a variety of airflow settings and power levels, I definitely recommend this dripper.


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