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Geekvape Avocado RDTA Review

Geekvape Avocado RDTA Review

I want to share with you my impressions of the interesting development of the company Geekvape - Avocado RDTA. The equipment is good: in addition to the tank itself with a complete wide dripper, there is a spare glass, a spare ceramic insert. Adapter for 510 drip tips, the 510 drip type itself, a bunch of spare o-rings, 4 spare screws, a counter nut and a hexagonal key.

Packed all in a convenient plastic box. From the bottom of the box there is a scratch-code for checking originality.

geekvape avocado

In addition to a wide drip tip, there is also a 510 in the kit, with which Avocado is really indistinguishable from some kind of genesis.The device is quite compact (without a drip tip of only 33 mm, with a 43 mm drip tip). The pre-installed glass is transparent, and the spare one is matte.

geekvape avocado 24 rdta

A ceramic piece that both closes and blows improves and makes a smaller evaporation chamber.Avocado has a fairly competent and original constructive. The quality of performance is also pleasing.A wide native drip-type made of Delrin and threaded - sits perfectly. Adapter for the 510's of stainless steel drips.

geekvape avocado 24

It has a spacer made of delirium, which prevents the heating of the complete 510 drift, which is completely made of stainless steel.

A wide base with large and comfortable Velocity racks makes it possible to install quite fat coils without problems.There are different options for blowing under two and under a single spiral, which can be smoothly adjusted. The dome has a hemispherical treatment.

geekvape avocado 22

The upper part is held on one o-ring for easy removal and adjustment of the blowing, and the bottom of the ring is two and the ring is heldSo reliable that if the o-rings are dry, then remove this part without improvised means and which mother is rather problematic.It is imperative at the time of assembly to smear the bottom o-rings with a liquid to avoid problems in the subsequent disassembly.

geekvape avocado rta

When using Geekvape Avocado RDTA with a single spiral refilling is convenient - it is enough to remove the ceramic part and access to two wide openings. But if both spirals are wound, then to refuel the tank you either need to use bottles with a thin nose or at refueling to pull out one of the tails of the wick. This moment the manufacturer needs to be finalized.Bottom is laser engraving, and the name on the side surface is made in the form of a groove in the metal (it looks very much alive).

Avocado has an excellent airflow and a wide Velocity base. That allows you to install a rather fatty winding.

geekvape avocado rdta

Upper part for checking the correct position of the spiral. The blowing hole should be located just below the center of the spiral.The additional blowing of one spiral through the ceramic part is particularly effective I can not name, but such an opportunity is definitely a plus. The big plus of this additional detail is also a significant reduction in the size of the evaporation chamber, which favorably affects the taste.The tail of the wick should be so long as to reach the bottom of the tank. I do not like it when there are "bare" legs of the spiral.In such places, overheating and burning of liquid are possible. That's why I put a small piece of wool near the counter.


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