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GeekVape Karma Kit Review

GeekVape Karma Kit Review

Today let's talk about the GeekVape Karma Kit. This is not for the beginner, this set up that comes with the hybrid mechanical mod, this is more for the person knows about battery safety and using mechanical mods, especially hybrid and safety with the hybrid with your 510 pin from your atomizer, going on there, you shouldn’t use no sub ohm tanks on these devices, nothing like you’re 510 has to protrude out with these. This is called GeekVape Karma Kit, and basically what it is, it’s an RDTA that transforms into an RDA.

geekvape karma

And here is the packaging of the Karma Kit from GeekVape, inside the packaging you’ll get this karma RDTA+ RDA user manual, you’ll get the spare glass for your RDTA and they also give you this baggie, full of o-rings, post screws and the infamous tool.

geekvape karma kit

And inside the packaging, you’ll get the star of the show, right here the karma kit, and the mechanical mod, here I show you guys it is a hybrid , so basically what a hybrid means is that you 510 is going to hit directly to the battery, there’s no 510 pin or anything, so you have to make sure it protrudes as you can see there on the karma, the 510 does protrude out more than enough because what the thing is if this 510 isn’t protruding out and these sides right here hit your battery little short out, it’ll explode on you so that looks to be safe, and it will just screw down around here and make connection to your battery, you can see there’s a native, it’s called the black ring design and manufactured by GeekVape.


This is copper and it’s a very smooth copper, for a second thought that they had sprayed something over but it does smell like copper. You have holes there for your ventilation or if your battery does knock on wood event you have some venting holes there you have a black ring here maybe that’s why they called the black ring, but then you have your copper button right here, it’s got the GeekVape logo, threading on this is real nice, the inside there’s a double rim protector. There’s your button and basically what happens here is this delrin piece, it goes in and out so it adjusts for battery rattle, there’s your 510, this is humbling.

geekvape karma mod

Your top, this is your drip tip, I pull this top off you’ll see the adjustable airflow, you could do dual coil or a single coil on this adjustable airflow, it’s got three they’re not really round the holes. This kind of reminds me of like the goon airflow and flavor, you could see the top cap there, the conical designer has the flavor tremendous honest.

geekvape karma

Here we have our velocity posts, That’s where you would fill your juice from, no obstacles in a way, looks like these are just flat right on the surface, so nothing comes down, you won’t have obstacles, real nice openings on here, I wish these were just a little smaller, they’re little too big in my opinion.

geekvape karma kit with tank

The Geekvape Karma almost feels very soft and mushy, beautiful copper, though it’s pretty nice, delrin inside for protection of the mechanical mod I like that just in case you have a rip in your battery and you don’t realize it and you put it in your safe with that, now one thing I do have to mention as a con for me , I’ve tried all the adjustments on here I have the RDA in place and I do get battery rattle when this is on here, when it’s an RDA form I do get some battery rattle, it’s firing, it’s violent but there’s nothing I could do, I’ve have the RDA screwed into that case, screw down first, I put the battery and I put the switch on what it’s got that up, the spring-loaded delrin for battery adjustment it just seems like it’s just has contact this way. I do not suggest a hybrid mechanical mod to be your first, but this one, really works nice.


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