"How To" and "What" about Smok RPM40 Pod Mod Kit

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"How To" and "What" about Smok RPM40 Pod Mod Kit

SMOK RPM40 Pod Mod Kit takes the best aspects of box mods and integrates them into a pod system that has 1500mAh battery and 1W-40W power range for your option. Equipped with the IQ-R chip, the RPM40 kit has the 0.001s firing time. It comes with a 0.96-inch OLED display, which shows vape data clearly with the color font. This device is a cloudy DTL one. It can function well with both salt nic and sub-ohm juice.

Smok RPM40

How to Fill Smok RPM40 with E-juice?

"Who in the hell thought this tiny fill hole was a good idea? I need to go buy some syringes to fill this thing up, NONE of my bottles fit."
- Users from Reddit

The RPM40's fill hole actually larger than the Nord fill the hole. The fill hole cover is basically backward, if you look at it in the right light it has an arrow on it. You can refill the pod by following 3 steps as below.

How to Fill Smok RPM40

How to use Smok RPM40?

Different from Smok Nord, you can fast click 5 times in 2s on fire key to making the power on or off. If you want to lock/ unlock your device, you can fast click 3 times on the fire key. You need to hold on the fire key when you are vaping.

How to use Smok RPM40?

How to Change the Colors or Check Puff Record?

You can change the color by pressing the power button and clicking wattage up/down. If you want to change the color of the screen, you can hold on the fire button and click the wattage down button to see it cycle the colors while it's power unlocked. Meanwhile, It will clear your 2 weeks to puff record if you click the fire button + wattage up button.

How to Change the Colors or Check Puff Record?

How to Charge Smok RPM40 kit?

Like the Smok Nord, the Smok RPM40 also supports USB charger.

How to Charge Smok RPM40 kit?

How to build the RBA?

Firstly, taking the RBA deck apart. Secondly, installing the positioning of the pre-wrapped coil. Thirdly, cutting the ends of wire off. Fourthly, cutting a strip of cotton, inserting the cotton, and placing it in the middle. Fifthly, cutting the cotton at an angle. Last, wet the coil with your e-liquid and adjust the cotton.

How to build the RBA?

Does the SMOK RPM40 Leak?

Some users are concerned that the PRM40 will spit and leaks like Nord. Actually, the Smok team has fixed it on RPM40. The RPM40 can fit easily in your pocket with no leaks whatsoever.

What different between two pods? (RPM Standard pod/RPM Nord pod)

The included pod has 4.3ml e-liquid capacity when RPM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil is installed, and 4.5ml when Nord DC 0.6ohm Coil is installed. The RPM standard pod is compatible with RPM coil including RPM mesh 0.4ohm coil, RPM triple coil 0.6ohm, RPM quartz 1.2ohm coil, and RPM SC 1.0ohm coil. Meanwhile, the RPM Nord pod is compatible with Nord coil including Nord regular DC 0.6ohm coil, Nord mesh-MTL 0.8ohm coil, Nord 1.4ohm regular coil, and Nord 0.6ohm mesh coil.

What different between two pods?

Smok RPM40 VS Uwell Caliburn? Which one I should pick?

The Smok RPM40 features pretty open airflow, true MTL if you get the 1.0ohm or 1.2-ohm coils. But if you are looking for a purely MTL draw, maybe the Caliburn will be a better choice.

What kind of coil and juice is I should use? What wattage is I should run at?

There are some suggestions from Reddit users which may help you to figure out this question.
1. I keep mine at 27 watts and use the RPM 4ohm coils and vape 3mg 80/20 juice.
2. I recommend the 1.0ohm SC coil over the Nord 1.4 ohm but either works with salt nic.
3. 4ohm RPM mesh coil with RPM pod at between 27-33W gives me the best flavor and nice big clouds.

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