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“How To” Collections about SMOK Nord Pod Kit

“How To” Collections about SMOK Nord Pod Kit

SMOK Nord Vape Pod System Kit is the brand new vape starter kit, which is powered by large 1100mAh internal battery. SMOK Nord is a newly designed button-triggered pod system device that is simple using.

SMOK Nord cartridge comes with 3ml and 2ml for standard edition and EU edition separately. Meanwhile, it is equipped with two exclusive replacement coils, Nord Mesh 0.6Ω coil and Nord regular 1.4Ω coil offering you both massive vapor and MTL flavors.

 SMOK Nord Pod Kit

Here are some "How To" about SMOK Nord Pod Kits,including how to fill the kit with e-liquid, how to use and charge SMOK Nord Pod Kit;how to disassemble and clean the kit. Follow this post to check them out.

1. How to Fill SMOK Nord Kit with E-Liquid?

It is similar to fill SMOK Nord as SMOK NOVO. SMOK Nord Pod Kit accepts side slot refilling. There are simple 4 steps to do it as below.

How to Fill SMOK Nord Kit with E-Liquid?

2. How to Use SMOK Nord?

Using SMOK Nord Pod System Kit is simple although it is different with normal pod system devices.

SMOK Nord Kit is a button-triggered one that you need to fast press fire button 5 times to power on the device and long press to vape.

How to Use SMOK Nord?

3. How to Charge SMOK Nord?

SMOK Nord Kit supports Micro USB charger. Just use the package included USB cable to power you SMOK Nord Vape Kit.

How to Charge SMOK Nord?

4. How to Disassemble SMOK Nord?

As you can see the components of SMOK Nord, disassemble by pull out the old pod and pushes a new replacement pod into the battery of the device.

How to Disassemble SMOK Nord?

5. How Long to SMOK Nord Pods Last?

Similar to SMOK NOVO, each pod can be lasted for at least one to two weeks before there was a notable drop in flavor and vapor output.

6. How to Install SMOK Nord Replacement Coil?

Here are multiple choice of SMOK Nord replacement coils: SMOK Nord Nord 0.6Ω mesh coil and 1.4Ω regular coil.

The 0.6Ω mesh coil is specially designed for sub ohm vaping, it has a large mesh inside while 1.4Ω regular coil is designed for MTL vaping, you can enjoy throat hit with it.

There is a coil slot on the bottom of cartridge that you just need to press coils into it.

How to Install SMOK Nord Replacement Coil?

7. How to Clean SMOK Nord Pod?

To clean the SMOK Nord Pods, here are some suggestions for your reference.

  • Place upside down the pod then pull the coil out

  • Get out of the e-juice. Try your best to do it! (You can shake the Nord pod)

  • Clean the inside of pod by paper or other material. It is for cleaning old juice

  • If you are going to vape with another flavor, clean SMOK Nord Pod by water just like cleaning vape tanks

  • Leave the pod until no water remaining or you can use paper to do

  • And then refill some water into pods as cleaning tank. Keep dry of the pod please

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How to clean makes no sense to me, is it possible to be more detailed please.


Same looking how to clean.


Can you re explain how to clean the pods? You say to use water but then finish your paragraph with "keep dry of the pod" lol


i have tried to clean using water and also vodka but seems to still hold old juice flavor


I think whoever explained it did the best to their ability. Methinks they were saying to put some water in it as you were washing it out, but to make sure it's completely dry before adding a new coil. Also, I prime my new coils with about 3 drops of juice before putting them into my empty pod.


damn nice. thanks bro


Thanks for the additional explanation, I was confused about cleaning with water after the initial instructions!


Thank you!!!


Can you wash the coil itsself? I did but I'm just worried because it touches the battery


I used a berry lemon and can’t get it out the pod no matter what I do I bought a new pod for $12 online and just switch between my two fav flavors . Don’t even need water .


Are there any advanced methods like; How to rewick smok nord coils or how to rebuild smok nord coils. Article written is just common sense put into words on how to take care of your nord.

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