“How to” Collections about SMOK NOVO Kit

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“How to” Collections about SMOK NOVO Kit

SMOK NOVO Pod System Kit, one of the best vape pods, is a masterpiece from SMOK, featuring a compact size and cobra whistle design. SMOK NOVO vape starter kit is powered by a large 450mAh built-in battery to satisfy your daily needed. Its mouthpiece is ergonomically designed, which can fit your mouth perfectly. And there are two pods included in this kit, both of which have 2ml capacity; you can drip your favorite e-liquid into them.

The article will list some “HOW TO” about SMOK Novo to offer you better vaping experience.

“How to” Collections about SMOK NOVO Kit

1. How to Fill SMOK NOVO?

SMOK NOVO Pod features large 2ml e-juice capacity. Refilling it is design-friendly and only 3 steps:

How to Fill SMOK NOVO?

Pull out the Pod of Novo;

How to Fill SMOK NOVO?

Pull out the Rubber Plug on the Slot and Add E-Juice into Pod;

How to Fill SMOK NOVO?

Press the Rubber Plug Back Carefully and Firmly Avoiding Leakage. 

2. How to Use SMOK NOVO?

How to Use SMOK NOVO?

SMOK NOVO is an air-driven pod system kit, which means it is allows for easy and convenient startup. When the air is inhaled, Novo can be automatically started, producing massive cloud. This operation is as simple and pure as the original experience.

3. How to Charge SMOK NOVO?

How to Charge SMOK NOVO?

SMOK NOVO Kit is powered by internal 450mAh battery and support micro USB charge. Meanwhile, the included USB cable is a shorter one, matched the mini NOVO Kit perfectly.

4. How to Disassemble SMOK NOVO?

How to Disassemble SMOK NOVO?

SMOK NOVO is a pod system starter kit, which consist of SMOK NOVO Mod and SMOK NOVO Pod. It is very easy to use that pulls out the old pod and pushes a fresh pod into the main body of the device.

5. How Long to SMOK NOVO Pods Last?

How Long to SMOK NOVO Pods Last?

There are 2 SMOK NOVO Pods included in package. Each pod can be lasted for at least one to two weeks before there was a notable drop in flavor and vapor output.

6. How to Clean SMOK NOVO Pod?

To clean the SMOK NOVO Pod, you should clean the e-juice inside firstly. And then refill some water into pods as cleaning tank. Keep dry of the pod please.

7. How to Rewick SMOK NOVO Pod?

Find out the little slot of the bottom of pod each side, and gentle but firm to gouge the stainless piece;

Apart the bottom of pod and you will get the build deck;

Throw off cotton;

Slide new cotton in and cut the spare part;

Drop some e-juice;

Assemble it again.


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