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iBuddy i1 VS IQOS VS Ploom VS Glo

iBuddy i1 VS IQOS VS Ploom VS Glo

There’s more interest than ever before in safer alternatives to smoking, with millions of smokers either thinking about moving to new technology or already having taken the plunge – mostly with electronic cigarettes(starter kit, vape mods). E-cigs aren’t for everyone, though. Many smokers have tried them and found that they didn’t really work for them. As a result, Heat not Burn technology is the new hope for smokers who want that authentic tobacco taste.
Here comes iBuddy i1, iQOS, Ploom and Glo are now on sale in the market, let's together make a survey of them.


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iBuddy i1 Heating Kit is an first innovative cigarette heating kit for the vape user. Featuring an integrated body design with a measurement of 79.5x46x25.5mm, it's very pocket-friendly and feels comfortable in hand. Most importantly, it firstly adotps pin-style heating element, ensuring a longer lifespan. Composed of a 1800mAh battery mod, a heatstick holder and a heatstick, it's pretty easy to set up and operate.


First Innovative Heating Kit of Pin-style Heating Element with longer lifespan
Integrated Design with Easier Operation
1800mAh built-in battery
Compact and colorful appearance
It can calculate the puffs automatically during your vaping and will stop heating if the heatstick was taken more than 16 puffs to keep the optimal taste, then you need to change a new stick.
can be fully charged in 2 or 3 hours via its USB port


Slightly hot when it works



The IQOS, at a glance, looks very similar to a second-generation electronic cigarette or vape pens, but has a very different function and internal design. The primary difference between the IQOS and vape pens is that instead of vaporizing an e-liquid consisting of a glycol, flavor, and nicotine blend, the IQOS heats up real tobacco leaf. The Heat Sticks used in the IQOS are small treated sticks of tobacco available in a range of different blends. These sticks are essentially small tobacco plugs that are ground and then reconstituted with added glycol into tobacco sheets, which are then folded, crimped, and transformed into Heat Sticks.


similar to smoking
IQOS system is incredibly simple and intuitive to setup and use.
It doesnt produce bad breath as well as annoy others with ciggy smell.


Huge butts! Since it doesn’t burn, what goes in is what comes out (albeit a bit singed).
Charges between smapes. You need to put the iQOS back into the charger for a couple of minutes between each go. It does become quite irritating, especially if you want to chain vape.



The Ploom ModelTwo is a tobacco vaporizer that offers a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, by simply heating the tobacco instead of burning it. But it’s real tobacco vapors you’re smoking, and not some synthetic alternative from a science lab. Because of this, you’re actually inhaling vapor as opposed to legit smoke, which is far healthier yet still relatively tasty.


Sleek, quality design
Easy to refill with pods
Battery lasts for five pods, which should be more than enough for the day (depending on habits)


Hits a little hard
Doesn't accept other cigarettes



The glo-stick portable pen herbal concentrate vaporizer is capable of reaching vaping temperatures of around 500 degrees in a matter of seconds. It features a titanium heating element, one-button operation & a power safety lockout to avoid accidental activation.


Quick heat up time
Sleek, quality design
Easy to Operate One-Button Operation.


Too strong taste


Still, the Four devices are excellent vaporizer and a solid option for those who are looking to quit smoking, or simply upgrade to a nicer vaporizer. which kinds of device do you prefer?


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