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IJOY Combo RDTA Tank Atomizer Review

IJOY Combo RDTA Tank Atomizer Review

IJOY has already released its own - IJOY Combo RDTA with exchangeable bases and evaporators. Many different replacement bases from Combo RDTA have released, too. The device can be turned into just a drip with side airflow. Today we will take a look at the popular RDTA Limitless and Limitless Plus, and the Combo RDTA from IJOY.

The package is rich: there are two serviced bases and one maintenance-free, an additional top and a 510 driptip of Delrin, spare glass, spare rings and screws, a single-spiral plug, two pre-wound spirals and two screwdrivers.

ijoy combo

Supplied in a box of transparent plastic, covered with black cardboard with a window. From the bottom there is a check scratch code.

Combo RDTA has a more strict, than Limitless Plus, but a beautiful and noble look. Partly thanks to the site covered with gold.

ijoy rdta box

Also, unlike Limitless Plus (paint), the black coating of the Combo RDTA is better and more durable (similar to the blasting of steel).


For Combo RTDA, there are as many as 6 different serviced bases, ready-made evaporators and a detail for turning into drip.

What has changed? Comparison of Combo RTDA and IJOY Limitless Plus RDTA:

There is even a spare central screw. Pleased that the glass and all O-rings are fully compatible with Limitless Plus RDTA.

Also there is an extra lid and a good drip-tip made of delirium. The upper parts are compatible with Limitless Plus, metal different.

The Combo RDTA blows a little more powerful and more precisely and tightly closes when adjusting the blowing with metal blades.

The holes of the filling are the same. The ring itself at Combo RDTA is slightly higher and has a gold plating. Rings and glasses are the same.

ijoy limitless rdta

The maintenance base of the Combo RDTA is also gilded, the platform and the distance between the racks slightly increased. Screws are compatible.

The base became more compact and increased the volume of the tank due to the reduction in the thickness of the pipe. Bases can now be untwisted and changed.

 ijoy maxo

Such a variety of served bases probably can not boast any other drip. Everyone can choose.

All serviced bases are quite solid and comfortable. On any of them you can install a very fatty winding. In general, I do not have any special comments, but I can note that IMC-1, IMC-2 and IMC-6 databases use thin screws and in the IMC-1, IMC-2 and IMC-5 databases, the minus post is not a single whole with the base base , And pressed in there (in my copies is held securely).

ijoy tornado

The maintenance bases are securely held by the threaded connection on the base. In this way, the pin can be adjusted, if necessary.

In the finished pre-wound evaporator, conventional space coils are used (most likely this is 0.5 cantal to the mandrel of 2.5 mm)

Many people complained that Limitless was leaking if it was lying horizontally. This problem is very easily solved: if the tail material

The wick is not enough to securely cover the feed openings, then put another one piece of cotton wool there.

The manufacturer specified volume is correct - 6.5 ml is placed. If there are large tails of the wick, the useful volume will decrease.

If you install the spiral just exactly in the middle of the holes of the racks (in height), then the spiral will be higher than the blowing holes.

To properly blow the spiral, you need to lower it slightly. The vent slot should be opposite the lower half of the spiral.

Even on one complete spiral the tank works perfectly at a power of 80 watts. The steam is cool, a lot, the taste is good.

According to the characteristics of the new Combo RDTA is very similar to Limitless Plus. There are no significant improvements in terms of steam or convenience, you certainly will not get, but in many aspects Combo RDTA though not much, but still better than Limitless Plus.

+ A beautiful and noble view thanks to a platform covered with gold. Also, unlike Limitless Plus (paint), the black coating of the Combo RDTA is better and more durable (similar to the blasting of steel).

+ Excellent taste and bulk. You can get both a huge amount of steam, and a decent drizzle taste on a little covered blowing. The blowing became slightly more powerful than that of Limitless Plus. The petals, when adjusting the blowing, cover the holes more precisely and tightly.

+ The maintenance base of the Combo RDTA is gold plated, the platform and the distance between the racks slightly increased. You can install long and fat coils. Convenient access to the site without draining the liquid.

+ Now removable bases. Huge selection of replaceable serviced bases. Everyone can choose for themselves a convenient option. Since now the ring can be wound not only from above, but also from the bottom of the base, it is possible to bring the spirals closer to the blowing slot.

+ There are also ready-made evaporators. They certainly will not give such a good taste as you can get on a serviced base, installing good spirals yourself, but they are and they work perfectly at the manufacturer's specified power range without the slightest doping by the user.

+ More successful and convenient. There is an additional lid and a good 510th dripper of Doirin.

+ The volume of the tank increased slightly, and the size and weight on the contrary slightly decreased compared to Limitless Plus.

+ Compatible with Limitless Plus. All o-rings, tank glass and top covers (parts of Delrin) are suitable.

+ Very rich configuration and a democratic price for such a quality device.


The new Combo RTDA was uniquely successful. An excellent, simple, handy and versatile device that gives steam like on drips and at the same time has just an excellent volume of 6.5 ml. For fans of clouds I recommend.


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