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It was quite unexpected to see from IJOY company an unattended tank under a tight tightening, because most of their products are aimed at generating clouds. IJOY ELF SUB OHM comes in a fairly simple cardboard box, on the front side through the plastic window you can immediately see the color of the device, as well as its brief characteristics. On the side and back side there is a code for checking originality on the IJOY website, company address and warnings.

ijoy elf

Inside the box we are greeted by the device itself, the set of o-ring, as well as a spare evaporator.

 tornado tank e cig


- Diameter 22 mm

- Height 37 mm (without drip tip)

- Volume 2 ml

- Top dressing

- Resin Drip Tip

- Adjustable airflow


Available in four colors:

 tornado electronic cigarettes

Elf is divided into the following parts:

 tornado t electronic cigarette

At the top of the device is a standard 510th drip-tip, made of polycarbonate resin (Resin). In the top-cap is held on two orings and, in my opinion, it looks awesome.

The upper part  represents the fuel cap and the shaft. There is no knurling, just like the urgent need for it. On the lateral edge of the logo of the company IJOY, and on the reverse side, you can find a seal under the glass and a shaft, which is connected to the evaporator by an internal thread.

 e joy electronic cigarette

Due to the presence of the top filling, the glass is tightly held on two springs in the bottom of the tank and has additional protection in the form of a metal bulb, fixation of which is carried out due to the top-cap.

The volume of the tank is modest by today's standards of 2 ml, which is a bit small, but for evaporators rated at 20 watts is quite good, and the convenience of the top filling a little level this disadvantage.

 ijoy massage chair

By the way about evaporators, for this cleric IJOY company has developed two types of evaporators:

0.5 Ohm - 25 to 35 watts

0.7 Ohm - 15 to 25 watts

The air to the evaporator is fed from below, and in its upper part there is a fine mesh, which prevents drops from entering through the drip-type.

Some visual differences between the evaporators are - at the first hole for the supply of liquid is slightly larger.

 tornado electronic cigarette

At the bottom of the Elf there is a ring for adjusting the blowing. The ring has 5 fixed positions, when scrolling, a small click is heard.

The stoppers are present, the ring does not rotate in a circle. You can open, like all 5 holes, and leave only one smallest. The only drawback is the absence of a notch, for more convenient adjustment.

At the base there are certificates and a serial number. Pin sticks out slightly.

 electronic cigarette tank

I seldom turn my attention to a non-service, but this tank, in general, pleased me. The diameter of 22mm, the top charge and properly implemented tight tightening, with adjustable airflow - all this can be safely attributed to the pluses of this cleric. Serious drawbacks in such a simple device is quite difficult to find, but the presence of knives could well throw a couple of points into the Elf's piggy bank.

By the way, for different trading platforms, the average price for a set of five evaporators varies in the range from $ 8 to $ 10, which, as for me, is a perfectly justified price tag.


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