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IJOY Limitless Lux 215W Box Mod Review

IJOY Limitless Lux 215W Box Mod Review

Today we will take a look at the IJOY Limitless Lux 215W Box Mod. Comes in a cardboard black box with a minimalistic design, but very stylish. On the box you can find only the name of the device in several places, information about companies with logos and a protective layer with a code for checking originality.


ijoy limitless

Inside the box we are greeted by the device itself in a foam rubber form, under which there is an additional equipment, including documentation, labels, a cable for updating the firmware and adapters for the batteries.

ijoy limitless


IJOY Limitless Lux

Device IJOY Limitless Lux 215W

User's Guide (in English and Chinese)

Warranty card (90 days from the date of purchase)

Micro USB cable for firmware upgrade

Adapters for 18650 batteries

Two stickers in the style of Limitless


Appearance and specification IJOY Limitless Lux 215W

 ijoy limitless lux box

The device looks very stylish and brutal. The cumbersome body is made of zinc alloy from the outside and plastic inside. The design allows you to replace the outer sleeve with another one, which is bought separately. While the choice is available two additional options with wood and leopard coloring, but soon promises expansion of this range. Black complete sleeve can boast of logos of manufacturers on the sides.

 ijoy limitlessn lux

On the top edge of the device next door are a screen with control buttons and a connector with a spring-loaded brass pin. The dimensions of the device allow using atomizers with a diameter of up to 28 mm with this connector. On the opposite side of the connector, at the top of it, a large power button made of stainless steel, like those on top of the screen, found its place. At the bottom of the sides there are 5 inclined holes for the removal of gases from the battery compartment in case of emergency situations. The bottom part contains information about the device and the manufacturer, as well as the serial number and certificates.


To access the battery compartment, it is enough to hold the case in one hand, and the second to pull the upper part toward you. Inside, there is a polarity marking for the correct installation of batteries. The lower contacts have a spring mechanism. On the one hand, the Micro USB port is located at the top to update the device, charging is not possible through it. The outer hose is held by two magnets, one on the body and cover, as well as an additional fixation by means of a rounded spring rod and side plastic lobes. The compartment is designed for 26650 batteries, but with the help of special adapters from the kit you can install more common 18650 batteries.


Specification IJOY Limitless Lux 215W


Height: 102 mm

Width: 58 mm

Thickness: 31 mm

Weight without batteries: 167 g

Weight with 18650 batteries: 285 grams

Weight with batteries of the format 26650: 350 g


Features and specifications IJOY Limitless Lux 215W

 ijoy limitless box mod

The board of this box mod is built on a chip from the company IWEPAL, as well as previous devices from IJOY. Apparently, a dense and long-term union of these two companies has emerged, which is already good. The device turns on and off with a standard five-fold push, but after installing the batteries, the box mod will automatically turn on and the screen saver with the company logo and device name will appear, in the lower right corner the version of the current firmware is displayed. During the shutdown, you can see another screensaver with the inscription "Power off".

 ijoy limitless lux box mod

After power on, the basic settings of the box mod appear on the screen. Above is the power value, in the lower left corner are the values of resistance and voltage, and the right shows the name of the mode and the level of the battery.

 ijoy limitless box mod

In order to access the mode selection menu, you must press the power button three times and then move between the items with the control buttons and then confirm the selection with the power button. The choice is available temperature control on nickel, titanium, stainless steel, vv, screen flip and additional modes.


In the VV mode, the power is adjusted using the control buttons from 1 to 100 W in steps of 0.1 W and further to 215 W in 1 W increments. Long press increases the rate of change of the value to the minimum or maximum. One-touch transition from minimum power to maximum, or vice versa, is not provided.


We have considered the appearance, specifications and functionality box mod IJOY Limitless Lux 215W. Let's try from the above highlight the main points and to identify the pros and cons.



Brutal appearance

removable sleeves

Autonomy and power

simple menu

Setting preheat

Supports atomizers with a diameter up to 28 mm

Firmware Update

Work on the battery size and format support 26650 18650



Dimensions and weight

No stealth mode

There is no key lock

There is no possibility of charging

Loose sleeves, there is a play

Gets off the screen orientation when replacing the battery

Too high responsiveness of the power button

No setup their own temperature coefficient of resistance

A small top heating pad



IJOY Limitless Lux 215W has a brutal and a stylish appearance, but its size and weight can deter customers. Manufacturer for its part has done a lot of work to facilitate and improve the ergonomics of the design. Rounded faces good effect on the retention device in hand.

Perhaps these activities are not allowed to make the fastening of a cover design more reliable and save users from the unpleasant backlash. In use, fashion is pulled together with the batteries out of the sleeve, so in such moments have to hold events in the screen area. In any case, the removable cover is an advantage of the device and allow to customize the look by itself if the full list of planned closures will be available for purchase.


At the program level, all is well, the menu is very simple, there is a basic set of modes and the ability to flexibly configure the preheating. For some reason, the manufacturer has not found it necessary to add a key lock and a stealth mode. I would like to with the flip screen, control buttons were reversed, because their use is logical only in one orientation of the screen, you will always have to stand after the battery change. And annoying too high responsiveness of the power button, especially when you're trying to shut down five times by pressing the events, and he roasts at this time. Perhaps all this will be corrected in future versions of the firmware and added new features, such as configuring custom temperature coefficients of resistance.


With its main task box mod handle, fry very adequately, especially in Hard mode or with your own customized schedule. Responsiveness instant, a feeling that is triggered even before you press, it's great, if not to take into account the above time with off. I was waiting for this device from the end of May and, finally, have the opportunity to enjoy them and share their experiences with you. Despite its minor flaws and jambs, fashion is very pleased with both their appearance and their work, power and, of course, independent.



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