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IJOY Maxo Quad Box Mod Review

IJOY Maxo Quad Box Mod Review

Today I'll review the Maxo Quad by IJOY. Here is the packaging of the IJOY Maxo Quad Box Mod comes in and inside the packaging, you get a warranty card, a user manual, you get a charging cable and for your upgrades, you also get this baggie with the whole bunch of stickers.

ijoy quad

ijoy quad uk

Here started the show ,IJOY MAXO , so we got QUAD 18650, it shows you the battery orientation to put them in, you got this could either be vent holes or it could be just basically holds to keep the board cool, you have your charge port here which I personally do not recommend you charging these batteries in the device for upgrades.

ijoy quad 18650 review

You have you up and down button, your power button, there’s a top of the device, has some branding their mac, so you have your stainless steel 510 , looks to be a brass 510 firm.

ijoy quad maxo

Just push forward open, you have your battery orientation for batteries, so you could see their negative right there. Positive right there, you can see device will power on right now, wattage on this, obviously it’s not going to give you the full wattage when you fire the button, that’s gonna bring you down to what should be giving you with that atomizer, but as you can see it’s only showing one battery the other batteries blanket because there’s no batteries in the other port, so it’s got basically indications for both series batteries that are put in there in series I got all four batteries back in place and down secure as you see, it shows both batteries going.

ijoy quad review

Now to operate this device, your powerful device, five clicks turns on your device, has a beautiful board on here, press the up and down button on there, well, showing the no atomizer but used when you press the up and down button, it will show you the resistance of your coil or lock it in. All right three clicks and you’re going to the menu system if your Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, power mode, this one here you can flip the screen, this is for your normal hard or soft or user you caan set your power curve on here ramp up time now in temperature control mode.

ijoy quad box

I will start off with cons, basically like maybe three cons with this device, nothing major first, constant have to be a I wish the atomizer set flush there is a little gap that’s going on, but it’s not bad, I’m nitpicking with this you know that gap is right there are another thing has to be the battery gap with your door, and my last con is gonna be the weight, the size, the weight of this device, the big device, it’s not a pocket-friendly device. Then it comes to the pros, the battery on this device is insane, another pro have to be that of fires a low 0.1ohm, they are built really low. No rattling , very solid and well –built device, another pro is gonna be, the stickers they give you, people customize it for whatever sticker you want on there . I’m sure if you peel the sticker off carefully probably use it maybe a little glue or something afterwards, but up to give you the stickers which will be a pro. Totally speaking, the IJOY Maxo Quad is a mod that you should try.


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