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IJOY Mercury Kit Review

The IJOY mercury kit is the latest AIO (all-in-one) kit for the users of today's generation. It is one more addition to the small box mod-akin e-cigarette and has 1100mAh small internal battery. If you are mulling over to buy this kit, then you must know the performance of this device. You must also know how the new kit vies against its rivals in the market. And in order to know this, here us a detailed IJOY mercury kit review.

Build and Design

The IJOY mercury pod kit actually feels good due to its stainless steel and zinc alloy design along with resin build elements. The pod measures only 78mm heights and 40mm in width along with 20mm in depth. This tells us that the kit is very small and actually convenient to carry.

IJOY launched its IJOY mercury starter kit in 4 different color variants, which comprises Crystal purple, Ghostfire, Hellfire, and Splendor.

ijoy mercury color

The kit's tank is essentially fitted with the main housing along with a window accessible to view the levels of your juice. The main benefit of this is it keeps the unit well balanced and secures the glass tank. Hence, there is no tank popping out of the top as you may experience on all the vape mods present in the market.

On one side of the kit you will see 3 LED lights to show your battery level, a huge firing button, USB charging port, and an extra LED for your power setting.

ijoy mercury

You can get rid of the drip tip or the top cap which is a single piece. This can be done by unscrewing it and then you can get rid of the tank as well. The tank is the place where you fill your e juice by getting rid of the tiny rubber stopper. Beneath the tank is the airflow control. You can get to see the coil if you unscrew the base.

On the main mod, you have 2 windows: one is big where you can view the level of your e juice and the other one is small which allows the airflow via the tank.

Package Includes

The IJOY mercury kit package includes the following things inside the box:

  • IJOY Mercury device and pod

  • 1ohm mesh coil

  • 2ohm coil

  • USB cable

  • Manual

IJOY mercury kit spec

Below are the details of the IJOY mercury kit spec:

  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml

  • Size: 40mm x 20mm x 78.4mm

  • Material: Zinc alloy, Stainless Steel and Resin

  • Battery: 1100mAh (internal)

  • Output: 12W

  • E-liquid viewing window

  • Coils: 1ohm Mesh / 1.2ohm standard

  • Adjustable bottom airflow

  • LED indicator lights

Key Features

The IJOY mercury kit has 3 LEDs to show the battery level of the device.

3 Green lights: This indicates that the kit has battery level in the range of 100%-70%.

2 Green lights: This indicates that the kit has battery level in the range of 70%-35%.

1 Green light: This indicates that the kit has battery level in the range of 35%-1%.

One more interesting feature of this AIO kit is the voltage regulation. The voltage is controlled by tapping 3 times the fire button. The LED underneath the battery indicator shows the different power settings.

  • If the LED is blue then it shows 3.45V

  • If the LED is green then it shows 3.35V

  • If the LED is red then it shows 3.25V

With an AIO kit, the sole purpose is majorly the comfort while using it. In addition to this, the IJOY mercury kit price is also very affordable - almost $30.

How to Fill E-juice

The process of filing the e juice in the mercury kit by IJOY is very simple. But before you do this, you should remember that you must properly prime your coils. In addition to this, once you fill the e-liquid, you must not vape instantly. You must wait for at least 3 - 5 minutes so that the coil gets completely saturated. This must be done to avoid further damage to the coil.

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to fill the e-juice in your IJOY mercury kit.

fill eliquid

Step 1: Begin by unscrewing the top cap.

Step 2: Pour out the cartridge and unlock the slot stopper.

Step 3: Fill the e juice via the slot.

Step 4: Once you have done this, put back the top as it was initially. You are done for the day.

How to Change the Coil

Changing the IJOY mercury kit coil is as simple as child's play. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to change the coil of your IJOY mercury kit.

change coils

Step 1: Begin with unscrewing the top cap. Now, take out the cartridge present within.

Step 2: First, turn the cartridge upside down. Make sure you this very delicately. Next, rotate the bottom part clockwise. Once you have done this, take out the inside part.

Step 3: Now unscrew the coil from the base. Once you have done this, replace the old coil with a new one.

Step 4: Finally, screw all the parts back to the original place. That's it!


Looking at the big picture here, the IJOY mercury kit fits perfectly in every aspect. The kit offers the best performance and levels up with the expectations of the users. It is certain that the kit will be not suitable for everyone or will not fulfill everyone’s need, but chances are that you will end up liking the IJOY mercury kit once you start using it. For now, if you fill that the review was helpful, feel free to let us know by commenting below.

Video Review of IJOY Mercury Pod Kit


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