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Last year, IJOY blew up the market with its vision of devices such as RDTA. Probably, all of us somehow encountered them, and many still use them. But, for a number of reasons, previous versions of RDTA from IJOY could not boast of good taste, and lateral filling caused some inconvenience.
And in March 2017 IJOY announced their new, fifth RDTA, which turned out to be much more interesting than its predecessors.

ijoy rdta

IJOY RDTA 5, like the company's previous drips, comes in a small plastic case. On the reverse side you will find the contents of the package and a set of brief information, certificates and code for checking originality.
The device comes with a set of lenses, screws, spare glass, a plug for a single spiral and a Phillips screwdriver.
ijoy rdta box

Currently, RDTA is presented in two colors - steel and black, but perhaps in the future the palette will expand, as it was with previous versions of the device.

The device is divided into the following parts:

At the top of the device, we meet a non-standard drip-type polycarbonate resin (resin). It is held on two lenses, installed in the top-cap on the ledge from the base. There are no adapters or adapters for the 810th or 510 drip-tip.
Top-cap, thanks to incisions on the side faces, allows you to adjust the top-side blowing, and at the same time serves as the plug for the filling hole. On the reverse side, we see an insert with a small rod, at the end of which there is an o-ring placed in the hole between the columns.
ijoy rdta box cover
The top-side blowing is made in the form of ten holes, arranged 5 pieces on each side. The cuts in them are executed diagonally downwards, imitating a lateral blowing. But it is inconvenient to track the condition in which the air is at the moment - it's simply not visible. To find out - you have to remove the top cap along with the top of the skirt, but I can not call it a minus because of the well-chosen o-rings that keep the whole upper part from spontaneous scrolling.
All this design is kept on the bottom skirt with the help of two rings.
Personally, I did not see much sense in the side air purse, it does not give any taste and, apparently, is present here only for a tick (for bulk).

ijoy rdta box silicone
On the lower skirt, on two opposite sides, there are oval holes, combining which with the ring on the base, the adjustment of the bottom blowing occurs.
Yes, yes, finally. A very significant update in the new RDTA from IJOY was the bottom blowing. I'm glad that they realized its taste advantage over the side.
It is regulated without any problems, and, as above, are well chosen.
In order to correctly combine the lower blowing on the base with a ring fixing cotton wool, a small screw is provided.
The installation system is quite simple: on the existing guides, put the ring on the base, scroll clockwise (thanks to the stopper, the ring stops directly opposite the airflow) and press it with the screw to the rack.
ijoy rdta box skin
One of the main features of IJOY RDTA 5 Rebuildable Tank Atomizer is the filling system, it is made by a tube located between the posts. No valves or pistons - just insert the nozzle of the bottle into the hole and the liquid directly through two large cuts in the tube gets into the tank, the volume of which is 4 ml. The diameter of the tube allows the use of bottles and with a wide spout.
Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide an additional opening for the withdrawal of excess air, so at the time of refueling, air is forced out through the laid cotton wool. And if you do not press the bottle spout tightly, an air stopper may form.
The solution is very convenient, personally I always disliked the lateral refueling because of superfluous snot, but here this moment was corrected.
By the way about the tightness - I conducted a small stress test, leaving the device upside-down on a napkin for half an hour. A little liquid has emerged, but it is most likely through cotton wool, which is typical of any drip.
ijoy rdta box 200w
The racks in RDTA 5 are classic Velocity-like, the screws for spiral cross clamps.
The upper pair of holes fixes the legs from above, which will at least partially avoid the deformation of the spiral at the time of its installation. The holes in the racks, as always, are huge.
With the installation of any fatty windings there will be no problems, but only practice shows how long the cross screws last.
Personally, they categorically did not like me, but they have a standard size, the hexagonal screws M2.5x4mm fit well.
Four broad round channels are provided for laying the cotton wool. The laying is quite simple, the main thing is that the cotton wool is in these ducts freely.
One of the disadvantages is that the liquid has to pass a fairly large distance, rising up to the coil, but here again, everything depends on the placement.

ijoy rdta box mini

So, the fifth generation of RDTA from the company IJOY definitely looks more interesting than its predecessors:
Stylish appearance, a system of two independently adjustable blowers, convenient refueling, classic Velocity racks. The device turned out to be a bit more complicated than its predecessors, but thanks to the presence of lateral blowing, finally, there was a taste. Maybe it's not too bright, but it's much better than it was in the previous RDTA.
There are no claims to the quality of execution of claims, processing, oring - all at a fairly high level. To additional pluses it is possible to carry a rich complete set.
Of the minuses - the absence of any adapter for drip-types of standard sizes. Some reviewers noted weak or incorrectly selected orings, but in my copy of such problems I did not meet, maybe I came a little later version, although I do not exclude the option of the Chinese lottery.
RDTA 5 may well become a popular device for fans of this class, let's see how it turns out to be in reality.


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