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IJOY RDTA BOX Mini Kit Review

IJOY RDTA BOX Mini Kit Review

In March 2017, IJOY released its new IJOY RDTA BOX Mini.This is a reduced and modified version of the older version of the IJOY RDTA BOX 200w for those who pushed the size of the first, but was interested in the format All in One.

Running a little forward, I would like to note right away that the device turned out to be much more interesting than its predecessor.

 ijoy rdta

This kit is supplied in the following kit:


- RBM-C2 pre-winded coil 0.25 Ohm / 30 to 60 watts

- RBA Velocity base

- A set of dopov (oringi, spare screws, pair of coils, Japanese cotton)

- USB-microUSB cable for charging and firmware upgrade

- Screwdriver

- Instruction and other waste paper.



- Dimensions 100.3 * 45 * 25 mm

- Tank capacity 6 Ml

- The maximum power of 100W

- Built-in lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh

- Removable atomizer

- 510th connector

- Large filling hole

- Temperature control at NI / TI / SS

- Supported resistance range from 0.05 to 3 Ohm

- Charge and update the firmware via USB

- OLED display with a diagonal of 0.96

If we start considering this whale from the very top, then we will see the familiar RDTA for other similar devices of the company IJOY, but reduced to 22 mm in diameter. The top cap is made of delrin, in the upper part there is a 510th delirium dripper, the knurl for adjusting the blowing on the side faces is present and occurs due to the scrolling of the upper part. The metal part with the blades to adjust the blowing is screwed directly onto the lid, as was the case with the previous RDTA.

 ijoy rdta box silicone

Directly out of the box, RDTABOX mini comes with a pre-wound semi-serviced RBM-C2 coil. It will not be possible to replace the spiral in it, but, nevertheless, you can change the cotton wool, until the coils are worn out.

But why, when in the package there is a full service?

Serviced base is classical, here we are met by familiar to all Velocity-like stands.

For some reason, the latest devices from IJOY use screws for a Phillips screwdriver, I think many will agree that it's much nicer to deal with hexagons. However, they can be replaced with hexagonal screws M2.5 x 4mm.

Nevertheless, the holes in the racks have an impressive diameter, and it is not necessary to talk about the convenience of installing spirals in this base. I want to note that the tails of cotton wool should be left as long as possible. Even when the mode is tilted due to the displaced base, cotton wool can starve when the tank is not full.

After installing the serviced base or coil, they are fixed by the pressure ring to the mode, which prevents from leaks.

Replaceable databases from other RDTA for this mod will not work, because The fluid inlet is limited to a diameter of 22 mm.

ijoy rdta box 200w

Another interesting feature of the younger version is the 510th connector. Let me remind you that in the older version it was not possible to use other atoms. And thanks to the arrangement of the connector, it is possible to wind any atoms with a diameter of up to 25 mm, without overhanging. The disadvantage of this connector is that it is not spring-loaded.

I checked 5 atoms with different connector length and pin and all of them were determined, but in some cases a slight levitation of the atom over the mode was noticeable.

ijoy rdta box mod

The first version of RDTA BOX had a built-in tank of more than 12 ml. The younger version has at least a smaller, but still fairly decent volume, accommodating 6 ml of liquid.

Located reservoir directly under the atomizer, at the top of the mod.

A filling hole of 6 mm in diameter allows the liquid to be poured directly from the bottle. To remove the tank, for example, to rinse it, you'll have to unscrew the four T7 screws (under the sprocket) that hold the top cover and remove a few rubber gaskets. Not the simplest solution, but on the other hand, it seems to be reliable. How to get to the tank:

ijoy rdta box 200w mod

The level of liquid remaining in the reservoir can be monitored using a small window, using the backlight, as it was in the older version of RDTA BOX. If desired, the backlight can be turned off via the mod menu.

We continue to consider the appearance of the device. On the opposite side of the fashion, just below the reservoir, there are holes for the removal of gases. Behind this metal insert with a carbon-fiber finish is a lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh.In order to get to the battery, you need to unscrew the two lower bolts at the base of the mod that hold the side cover.As for autonomy, I'm still testing this moment. But I note that from one charge I was enough to evaporate about 10 ml of liquid at 60 Watts.The maximum charge current is 1A. I checked with the manufacturer and he said that the use of a 5V / 2A charger is quite possible.

On the side faces are symmetrically located stickers with an imitation of the carbon, as well as the logo of the company IJOY and the name of the device.

 ijoy rdta box skin

 On the front panel of the mod is a large FIRE button, a screen protected by a plastic plate, power adjustment buttons and a MicroUSB connector for charging and updating the firmware.

The film is glued on the display, if removed, the risk of spoiling the appearance of scratches increases.

Tactile sensations from pressing the button are pleasant, you can hear a muffled click. The button is pressed moderately tight, none of the buttons hangs, and generally there is no particular complaint about the assembly. The mod is assembled qualitatively, but if you use the lighting, here and there you can see the gaps. I note that in my instance sometimes the Fire button will stick, if you do not press it in the center, namely from one corner.

Turn the mode on / off by pressing the button five times. At the time of system start, the display shows the device name, as well as the current firmware version. The display is quite large and informative, its diagonal is 0.96 inches. The main screen contains all the necessary information:

Power, voltage, winding resistance, battery charge and counter puffs.

The menu is simple, the same was in the older version of the device. But as the representative of the IJOY company assured me, they have finalized the fee. Although in general the functional remained the same.

A little more about pre-heating mode:

Norm - current power

Hard - short-term power increase when the Fire button is pressed 30% of the displayed

Soft - short-term power reduction when the Fire button is pressed 20% of the set

User - A custom setting that allows you to set 6 intervals for every half second setting any power. (For the first 3 seconds)

 ijoy rdta box mini

The menu is intuitive, it's not difficult to deal with it.

But, if there are any difficulties, complete with the mod comes a very detailed instruction with illustrations in English and Chinese.

The brightness of the screen is acceptable, in cloudy weather, while on the street the display is seen well, but there is no setting for a change in the mode.

In addition, in the fashion there is the possibility of updating the firmware.

As you can see, the mod at a sufficient level of charge, although it can not give out 100W, but very close to this, but it costs the battery to sink to 3.6V as serious drawdown starts.


- Equipment. It has everything you need. The semi-serviced evaporator is already pre-installed, in addition to it there is a classic Velocity base, for which the manufacturer has prepared two pre-wound clapton and even a little cotton wool. And a standard set of spare lenses, screws and a screwdriver.
- Compactness and weight. RDTABOX mini has extremely modest dimensions and even in my, far from large palm, it hides easily. And thanks to the fact that the body of the mod is made of aluminum, it is practically not felt by weight.
- Fee. Mod is accelerating from zero to a hundred ... so-s, what am I talking about? The mod is equipped with a modern and productive board that allows you to work in the TC with nickel, titanium and stainless steel; besides this, you can set two independent factors, select the preheating degree of the spirals and, judging by the tests, it is able to give out up to 100 watts.
- Battery. As already mentioned above, the fashion uses a built-in lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh, supports charging in 1A. With the load, he cope, and his autonomy even surprised me a little - on one charge I was able to evaporate about 10 ml of liquid.
- Versatility. I was pleased with the possibility of installing any atoms with a diameter of up to 25 mm, thanks to the use of the 510th connector. Let me remind you that in the previous version of this functionality was not.
- Capacity. At rather modest sizes, the reservoir can hold 6 ml of liquid, which is quite a lot. The design of the reservoir with seals pleased.
- Convenience. It is very easy to fill a tank. With the installation of spirals in the Velocity base and the laying of cotton wool, too, no problem.
- Updated firmware. Although the firmware at the time of writing the review is not and mod, in general, it works as it should - the very possibility to update the firmware is always good.


- Cleaning and flushing the tank. In order to flush the tank you will need a screwdriver T7 under the asterisk. Not the easiest access, but the tightness of the reservoir is preserved.
- A non-removable battery. The possibility of replacing it though is present, however it is far from a trivial task, as well as the selection of a battery of the appropriate format. At high power the battery disembarks very quickly.
- Lottery. In my copy, the screen is slightly not quite vertical, there is a slight deviation. For me it's not critical, maybe in the future I'll correct it.
- Connector The presence of the 510th connector in fashion is a significant plus, but nevertheless it is not spring-loaded, which means that there may be no contact with some atoms and not quite an aesthetic levitation over the mod.
- I encountered a couple of times that the Fire button pressed to the corner for the case and I nearly burned cotton. Perhaps this is only a problem of my instance.
- Probably, the firmware bug, but when the charging is finished while the mode is on, the charge indicator does not go out. If you turn off the mod and connect it, the indicator does not light, as it should be.


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