Is Vaping Bad for You - Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Vape Problems | Aug 16, 2019 111

Is Vaping Bad for Your Health? The Answer is Here

Recently, the in China has launched a question about “Is vaping bad for you” on the internet ans had attracted many vapors attention. The People internet has claimed that vape is not safe and can do little help in quitting smoke. Their argument is “there are poisonous and cancer causing materials in vaping".

They also pointed out that there's no standard principle on the industry about the amount of nicotine, which can lead users to be addictive. But these are the problems on the vaping industry, not the vape itself. Here are the questions that has thrown out:

1.Can vape help people quit smoking?

They said that some stores take “quit smoking” as their market selling point, which is misleading. When you surfer on the internet and search vape, a lot of store will say vaping helps quit. But as they interviews many users but get a “no” for answer.

However, from the statistics from PHE's scientific study, vape is able to reduce 95% of harm compared with the traditional smoking. They also argued that it is hopefully to be the alternative medicine to tobacco abstinence drugs like nicotine. Besides, the UK government also shared their attitude and they totally support e-cigarette as the alternative to smoke.

2.Is second-hand vaping really safe? thought that second-hand vaping contains elements that can cause cancer. Besides, some low quality devices have the hidden danger of explosion. Their arguments are the stores posting the ads that claim the vape is healthy and safe, even no harm to babies.

But the study shows that it costs seconds for vaping to evaporate while the tradition smoke will stay more than 45 minutes in the air. We cannot say that vaping is totally harmless, but it's really healthier than smoking.

3.Vape VS Smoke

They also found that there are too many vape brands on the market and many of them contain nicotine. Besides, they also believed that some people think vape is safe is because there’s no sufficient statistics to show the vpaing caused diseases.

Smokers who vape regularly are far more likely to quit smoking than those who don't vape, a study from Harvard Medical School and Massachuseets General Hospital. They also found out that there are 77% percent more likely to quit for smokers who vape daily.

When we concluded they questions, we found that they are for the vaping industry. They said they interviewed some people and they failed to quit with vape. Then that's why they said vape cannot help smoke quitting. But what about the users feedback that they quit smoke with the help of vaping? So from this point, I think their view is a little one-sided.

Is vaping bad for lungs/health?

If you are wondering is vaping bad for your lungs or health, I need to tell you there's still not enough evidence to show the long-term health effects of vaping. However, the studies show that they are definitely less harmful than smoking.

So what about the vaping without nicotine? We know that nicotine is an addictive material and can do hard to people's health. With vape, you can totally control the nicotine by yourself. Most vape tanks can be dissembled and you are able to choose the e-liquid by yourself.  


The questions pointed out, such as the too much ads marketing, product quality, are really problems remained in the industry, but it's not the fault of vape itself. Just like one user said, it is too difficult to quit smoking and they want to get help. The appearance of vape brings them hope. Thus we need to take a right attitude towards vaping.


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