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Joyetech Ocular and Ocular C Review

Joyetech Ocular and Ocular C Review

Joyetech OCULAR & OCULAR C BOX MOD_vaporl.com

We will set out to present Joyetech Ocular Series review this time. Ocular C and Ocular TC Box MOD features the first and one of the most capable 1.68inch color touchscreen, the new Ocular and Ocular C box mod presents all the essentials on its precise display.

Difference between Joyetech Ocular & Ocular C


Joyetech Ocular Box Mod powered by dual 18650 battery_vaporl.com

Ocular C

Joyetech OCULAR C TC Box Mod with built-in 5000mAh Battery_vaporl.com

Here in first we should clear the difference between Joyetech Ocular Box Mod & Ocular C Box Mod. The first difference is size: Ocular C is bigger than Ocular. On the other hand, the Ocular comes with a built-in 5000 mAh battery while the Ocular C operates with dual high-rate 18650 cells. The maximum output is 80W and 150W respectively. So that’s the first big difference, one is an 80W device and one is a 150W. Both offer the same features including temperature control.

Which is better out of the two? The Ocular with built-in 5000 mAh battery capacity has about 15% more battery capacity than the Ocular C powered by two 18650 cells which means in terms of out of the box capacity, the Ocular has the edge.

Which Ocular Mod More Perfect for You?

Joyetech OCULAR Touchscreen Box Mod_vaporl.com

Vapors are usually confused to choice the box mod which one will be a perfect one. As we go through the Joyetech Ocular review covering both Ocular mod and Ocular C mod, you may have a decision. Bother versions of this e-cig mod have the exact same vaping out modes, memory storage, controlling daily activity and etc.

If you are a vaping clouds enthusiast or interested in mod that is capable of a power output more than 150 watts then pick the Ocular C. It will bring you outstanding flavors and vapors.

If you are a beginner or never vape with the power setting over 80W then pick the Joyetech Ocular. The vaping experience will be more softly.

Besides the additional power, the other potential advantage of the Ocular C is the ability to replace the 18650 cells. You probably won’t be able to replace the internal battery in the 5000 mAh Ocular.


Joyetech Ocular & Ocular C Battery Mod_vaporl.com

Joyetech Ocular battery mod and Ocular C battery mod all supply an excellent touchscreen technology with smart system, which support for custom screensaver, and controlling vaping habits and playing music, to achieve the ultimate vaping experience. We are pleased to recommend the Joyetech Ocular mods and we are confident that you will much enjoy it!


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