Top 10 JUUL Alternatives 2019

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Best JUUL Alternative Vapes

With JUUL e-cigarette being well-liked among the users for its affordable price, it has its set of disadvantages too. And hence, users all over the world are looking for JUUL alternative vapes. The non-refundable pods and lacking power are some of the reasons as to why users look for alternatives to JUUL.

juul starter kit

JUUL pods are created only by the maker, so you don’t have many options when it comes to flavors. In addition to this, the pods only have 0.7 ml of e-liquid, which is non-refillable. Hence, so you can get through them very swiftly. JUUL pods are not specifically powerful either. They operate at between 3.6V and 4.2V on the basis of the charge level along with a wattage output of ranging from 6.5 to 9 Watts.

This is the reason as to why people search for JUUL pod alternative. And to help you, here are some best vape alternatives to JUUL that we have for you. Have a look:

Smok Novo 2

The Smok Novo 2 is the first one in our list of best JUUL alternative device. It outperforms the JUUL in every single way imaginable and hence is the reason as to why it stands first in our list. It is the heir to the Smok Novo. Hence, it not only beats JUUL but also the Smok Novo is every possible way.

smok novo 2

In addition to this, Smok Novo 2 has a battery worth 800mAh, which is 4 times more than the JUUL. Novo 2 also has a wider wattage range as compared to JUUL, which has a weak 6.5–9W in comparison to Novo 2’s 6–25W. This is the perfect reason to why Novo 2 stands as a noteworthy contestant for best JUUL pod alternative.


  • Super stealthy

  • More battery capacity

  • Almost three-fold juice capacity

  • Easy to use

  • Instantly switch flavors with different pods

  • Indicator light for battery

  • Pre-filled pods available

  • Lots of flavors available


  • Very small refilling slot

  • Hard to see juice levels


The SMOK Novo is the predecessor of the Smok Novo 2. Even though it does not seem like JUUL, the slim design is enough for users. Novo has a much more powerful battery (450mAh) as compared to JUUL.

smok novo

In addition to this, one of the best things about Novo is that the 2ml refillable pods for SMOK Novo are actually worth buying. The draw is tight and nice and it does not crackle similar to what users experience while using JUUL. All these reasons make the Novo one of the best alternatives to JUUL.


  • Draw activated

  • Best JUUL alternative

  • Small in size but extremely powerful

  • Perfect for users looking to transition to vaping

  • Super-efficient on vape juice and battery


  • No window for vape juice


The battery and charging of SMOK RPM40 are the reasons as to why the device makes it to our list as one of the Juul alternative pods. The charging time of the device is less than 2 hours. This saves the users the time that is wasted on charging. Even though the device pod is small in size, the 1500mAh of battery capacity is very powerful and can be employed for a long time.

smok rpm40

The mouthpiece of SMOK RPM40 is broader as compared to JUUL’s. This enables more air inhalation. In addition to this, the device has 0.96 inch display, which offers you all the vaping info. There are 2 x RPM pods that are well-matched with the coils of Nord series and RPM series respectively.


  • More color choices

  • Fast charging

  • More air inhalation

  • Powerful output

  • Clear TFT screen

  • Long working time

  • More coil options


  • High price tag

Uwell Caliburn

The Uwell Caliburn is the next in our list of alternative JUUL pod brands. Caliburn is known for its most flavorful and best tasting pod vape. The device is the first pod systems by its makers. The pod has PRO-FOCS flavor tech, which is the most amazing thing in the device. Parallel vape coils make complete use of the vape juice, offering you super smooth throat hit, bigger clouds, and fantastic flavor.

uwell caliburn

The major highlight of Caliburn is that it divides vapers. It is quite a lose MTL draw, similar to that of the SMOK Nord when utilizing the same coils.


  • Long lasting coils and pods

  • Many options for flavors

  • Ideal for beginner vapers

  • Super easy to use

  • Easy to see vape juice levels


  • Average battery life

Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop is a super stylish pod that can serve as the best JUUL alternative. This will not leave you dry and high. The device mods exclusive curves finish with a perfect mouthpiece along with a draw that replicates tobacco cigarettes ideally.

suorin drop

And with 2ml of refillable e-liquid capacity and an internal battery having a capacity of 300mAh, the pod is the best option to JUUL. Moreover, Drop is refillable and you can use a number of nicotine salt flavors. And the dual wicking system of the pod means you will always get juicy flavor-abundant hits.


  • Feels and looks great

  • Best stealth vape

  • Ideal for users looking to transition to vaping

  • Easy to use


  • Battery life is one of the smallest on the list

Vaporesso Renova Zero

The Vaporesso Renova Zero reaches new heights. It is lightweight and small. You can hide it in your hand. The PTF (Push-To-Fill) filling slot is the main highlight if the device. It also comes with the 10mL vape juice filling bottle.

vaporesso renova zero

Users can see into the pod due to the clear pod casing. This can be used to observe how much has gone in. The device is a fully unique filling device for a pod system and guarantees leakproof operation.


  • Super easy to use

  • No firing accidents

  • Awesome reproduction of flavor

  • Feels great to hold

  • Ideal for users looking for vaping option

  • Super stealthy and small

  • PTF system works fine

  • Charges fast

  • Leakproof


  • Hard to see when refilling

  • Pods can detach


The airflow of IJOY AI EVO Pod is good. The airflow flows in via 2 holes on the pod and then it gets to the coil via the hole present on the cartridge. It is not an extremely tight draw, but it is not loose either. You can have a fine vape with the help of this device. This makes it perfect JUUL similar vape.

ijoy ai evo pod

The vapor production of the pod is very good and so is the throat hit. Users like the tight MTL draw, and hence is the reason for the pod to make it to the list.


  • Size and weight for portability

  • Color Options

  • Included lanyard

  • Removable and refillable pods

  • Easy to fill the cartridge

  • Good build quality & color quality


  • No battery meter

  • There is only one cartridge in the package

Airis Nico Pod Kit

The Airis Nico Pod Kit is the next in our list. The pod is a portable pod system fueled by a 450mAh internal battery. It has a three-level adjustable voltage, so there are 3.7V, 2.9V, and 4.2V to meet your different requirements.

airis nico pod kit

The device is locked and connected with a tiny magnetic adapter. Created from the unique Qcell quartz tech, it gives you the best taste. The pod comprises refilled pod cartridge for simple refill of liquids. Users are attracted by its gorgeous appearance at first glance. The price is 29 dollars, which makes it the cheap UUL alternative.


  • Size and weight for portability

  • Color Options

  • Super easy to use

  • Good build quality & color quality


  • Price is high

Starss Romeo Pod

The Starss Romeo Pod has an unquiet shape. Hence it is well-liked among users and serves as best option to JUUL. The battery mod is composed of zinc alloy substance so the surface is pretty glossy and smooth.

starss romeo

But the fingerprint magnet makes it quite easy to get scratched. But this can be adjusted as there is no impact on performance. The airflow control system is situated at the drip tip position.


  • Unique shape

  • Great battery


  • Average MTL experience

Joyetech Teros One Pod

The Joyetech Teros One Pod is the last in our list. The device has thermodynamic paint. Hence it can change the color, which is sufficient to serve as best JUUL alternative.

joyetech teros one pod

The major highlight of the pod is the ease to use with no buttons and confusion. It fits discreetly in any pocket and is almost the size of a lighter. The pod does not show a sign of condensation or leakage.


  • Powder-coated finish

  • Perfect suck activation

  • Quality

  • Pocket format

  • Battery life


  • LED too bright

Now that you have the best vape alternative to JUUL, it is up to you to decide which one to select. In addition to this, do let us know your feedback by commenting below.


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