Juul Starter Kit Review - Should I Buy?

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Juul Starter Kit Review and Its Best Alternatives

Juul is a famous vape brands that offers customers a variety of vaping devices. It’s new released Juul starter kit has attracted a lot of attention with a low price and rather good quality. In this article, we are going to make a full review of Juul vape kit from different aspects.

Design and Built

The overall design of Juul is pretty tough and made out of aluminum. It looks like a sleek pen drive that is not bulky and fits well in the palm of your hand. It is around 1.5 cm wide and 9.5 cm long i.e. hardly any size bigger than a cigarette, thus making it a great choice for beginners to get accustomed.

juul design

The pods are not a refillable closed system, which means you cannot use vape juice of any other brand with this kit. Thus it is better to buy a pack of 4 pods which would be much cheaper than buying individually. There is no need to learn complicated settings as this Juul vape starter kit is super easy to use. Just enjoy your puff whenever you want to, no need to worry about button pressing.

The battery life indicator setting gives you an idea about the battery life indicating green for full, yellow for medium and red for low. It requires a charge of about 1 hour to get almost 200 puffs. The charging is hassle-free too! Just place the device on the magnetic charging slot and it good to go. 

juul kit

Another feature of this device is the temperature control settings which are usually provided in bigger and bulkier pods with complex functioning. These variable temperature control settings are an idea for consistent and no dry puffing. With this vape starter kit, make a vaping mess-free! You don't have to think about spilling or leaking of vape juice. As the company has worked hard over fixing the earlier issues related to leaking.

Besides, the mouthpiece is also improved with cotton padding to prevent the juice from entering the mouth and hit like a cigarette. So, all in all, it is a great quality product with a sturdy finish, sleek look, and simple functioning. 

What's included in the package?

  1. A user manual.

  2. E-cigarette device with a battery.

  3. Magnetic charger.

  4. A pack of 4 e juices.


Date of Launch:  June 1, 2015.

Manufacturer: PAX Labs Inc.

Colors: Silver, Blue, and Grey.

Juul pods capacity: 0.7ml (200 puffs).

Nicotine content: 5% by weight.

Dimensions: 3.7*0.5*0.2 inches.

Juul starter kit Price: $39.99 onwards.

Warranty: 1 year.

Key features of Juul Vape Kit

Juul pods

The device comes with pods instead to e-juices/tanks. There is no need to worry about a leak and spill of vape juice or refilling the tank. The vape pods are of 0.7ml capacity with a nicotine capacity of 18mg. With each pod, you get 200 puffs and the kit comes with a pack of 4 different flavor pods such as mint, mango, creme, and golden tobacco. Also, changing these pods is quite simple, just remove the safety cap fitted with a pod and then insert the pod at the top of the device. Make sure to remove the old pod first!

Temperature control setting

The entire vaping fun is gone if you get burnt flavor. Juul starter kit comes with an auto temperature control feature that prevents from producing burnt flavor and gives you only refined and original taste.

Magnetic charging

Juul comes with an inbuilt battery of 250mAu capacity which can be charged by simply plugging the USB charger dock into a port standing upright in the magnetic charging slot. Your device can be charged in less than an hour approx 50-55 minutes ensuring happy vaping all day long. Additionally, the LED indicators make sure that you do not run out of memory by indicating the battery level.


The device comes with a battery size that of 200mAh which is quite less in comparison to other pods of the same category. However, the charge time is quite decent approx 1 hour that can make your device run all day long. The nicotine salt based pods work extremely smooth in spite of the nicotine content, making it a good option for beginners who are looking for a decent draw and chain vaping.

The reduced number of button touches makes it a less complicated device, and the temperature control system lets the user have dry and consistently puffing without any change in the true flavor. Therefore, making it a nice choice for starters and those who like to have their high with consistent puffing.

Pros and Cons of Juul Vape Kit


Nice design and high quality material

Simplicity of use

A very durable vape

Small size and light

No or little leaking

Solid flavor profiles


Poor battery life

Limited nicotine strength

Best Juul Vape Alternatives

1.Smok RPM40 Pod

Smok RPM40 Vape Kit is an ultra-portable POD system vape with a 1500mAh battery built-in. It looks sleek and it is very ergonomic. With 40w max output power and 4.3 ml of e-juice capacity, it is potent vape with all-round features. It also boasts a 0.96-inch screen which indicates vaping data like power, battery, voltage, and resistance etc.

smok rpm40

Along with a rich feature-list and excellent appearance, it has 4 different coils that are mainly there to put out rich flavor and cloud. Also, there are two empty cartridges of different capacities for more versatility.

2.SMOK Novo Vape Pod

The SMOK Novo Vape Pod is another potent Juul Vape alternative. This is primarily a mini-body vape pod with an exclusive cobra pattern on both sides. It is a great option for daily vaping as it is very portable and comes with a 450mAh battery a 2ml e-juice pod cartridge. It comes with a first-in-class air-driven system, which promises massive cloud in every puff.

smok novo

Available in 8 different colors, this looks and feels excellent. The mouthpiece is built perfectly and offers good feedback. Overall, a very value for money option!


Here is our complete Juul Starter Kit review.  Juul starter kit is one of the recommended choices for the starters to have it as their first vaping machine. The device is very easy to use due to the simple functioning and device mechanism. However, if you want to explore more and check out for some other brand vaping devices as well, then the best Juul vape alternative to check out are Smok RPM40 Pod and SMOK Novo Vape Pod.


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