Lost Vape Therion 166 Box Mod Review

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Lost Vape Therion 166 Box Mod Review

Today let's talk about the Lost Vape Therion 166.Now the DNA166 I noticed be some confusion but I thought it was a DNA 167,but for some reason, lost vape wants to call it DNA 166 basically, the whole body of it is the same between this one to 133 and the lost vape therion DNA 75, the only differences obviously are the chips, different chips and all of these this one here does have reverse battery protection as it’s powered by the DNA 259 chip better stainless steel, so let’s do a quick dive down so you guys can see me scroll 167 watts, and I will give you guys all my thoughts.

lost vape therion

So here is the packaging of Therion DNA 166 comes in and inside the packaging you get your user manual and your warranty registration card,  you’ll get your micro USB charging cable, and also for you to all your scribe.

lost vape therion 166

lost vape therion 133

lost vape therion dna75


All right here it is, the Lost vape Therion DNA 166, you can see there it will say DNA166 therion ,type of temperature controls, power control watts, no preheat Nickel 200, relaxed Nickel 200, Hot Nickel 200, Stainless Steel 316, Titanium, back to power control watts.

lost vape therion bf

Is it the same as the lost vape Therion DNA 133? It’s an awesome device, that’s plain and simple, it’s one of the best devices. It’s a beautiful solid device that just packs a punch, if you have the 133 and you don’t vape that high,this is really no reason for this one,unless you wanted for the two am charging you know in a reverse battery protection.

This device is the 4th version of the Therion from LostVape ,(Therion75, Therion75 Squonker, Therion133 )and now Therion166/DNA250), and I must admit, it is the BEST one yet, and it is the best DNA250 device on the market out of the box. It's the first one I've used that's setup out of the box with the DNA250 board, that doesn't have any issues or really need to be modified in anyway with Escribe.


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