Mesh Coil vs Strip Coil vs Traditional Wire Coil

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Mesh Coil vs Strip Coil vs Traditional Wire Coil

Hey, guys, nice to see you again. Months ago, the mesh rda are popular that most vapors are fantastic. Recently, the From FreeMax comes the innovative Fireluke MESH Tank, the first Sub-ohm Tank to utilize the all new MESH heating element in their premade coils. They are using the mesh as the coil not as the wicking material, I know that most of you will confuse, what's the difference between Mesh Sub-ohm coil and Traditional sub ohm Coil? In this article, we'll talk about the difference and similarities.

Mesh Sub Ohm coil

Fireluke Mesh Tank
The Fireluke Mesh tank breaks the traditional wire coil material, use new Mesh Coil instead with 100% organic cotton wrapped, the surface of coil can fully touch the cotton and hit each point to absorb the e-liquid very effective. The Mesh sub ohm coil adopts Kanthal Mesh on the inside with organic cotton instead of stainless steel mesh. Available in 0.15ohm resistance and can be vape between 40-90w. The structure of mesh coil also make it get heated very evenly and quickly, it will absolutely extend the life of coil greatly, give you more pure flavor and vapor production!

Fireluke Mesh Tank

Mesh Coil Resistance: 0.15ohm (40-90W)
Nice Flavor and Last Long Time
Mesh Look Appearance, the coil colors are same with tank colors
Efficient Wicking by Utilizing The Large Surface Area of Mesh Wire

The o-rings are not match with other color tanks
Without 510 drip tip adapter
Without RBA Base
Only supports wattage mond, not abvailable in temperature control mods

Freemax Mesh Pro Dual & Triple Mesh Coils

Freemax Mesh Pro Replacement Coil
The Freemax Mesh Pro Sub ohm tank is a beautiful subohm tank with colorful resin decoration of Freemax family. As the world first dual & triple mesh coil tank, the Freemax Mesh Pro adopts the innovative Mesh Pro coil system, which comes with different kinds of mesh coils such as the Kanthal single/dual/triple mesh coil. The single mesh coil available in 0.15ohm resistance and works at 40 to 70W. The dual mesh coil is 0.2ohm and works at 60 to 90w. And the triple mesh coil features 0.15ohm resistance, supports wattage range at 80-110W. With Multiple mesh coil technology, the Freemax Mesh Pro Replacement Coil is delight to embrace the great combination of higher power, deliver huge cloulds and great flavor to you.


Nice Flavor and Last Long Time
Huge Vapor

It will taste more E-Juice than single mesh coil

SMOK Strip coil
SMOK V12 Prince Strip coil
The SMOK Strip coil is a fire-new revolutionary coil in Vape Industry, which is made of Kanthal. The Strip Coil whose porous structure can bring great surface adsorption so as to fasten the speed of e-juice absorption. It has larger heating area and radiation area, making the heating more evenly and helping the e-juice to heat up quickly. Besides, it can also avoid the heat accumulation and the corrosion of heating materials. Compared with other traditional heating wires, strip coil can easily load higher power.

Strip Coil Resistance: 0.15ohm
Large heating area and radiation area
Nice Flavor and Last Long Time


Traditional Wire Coil

SMOK V12-T12 Coil
The Traditional Sub Ohm Wire Coil vaping comes down to three words: big ass clouds. To reach the apex of cloud and vapor production sub-ohm tanks harness the power of coils with a resistance below 1.0 ohm, which allows them to heat at more rapid pace than non sub-ohm coils. Just like a standard clearomizer, you will need to regularly purchase new coils. Although some sub-ohm tanks like the Aspire Triton offer 1.8 ohm coils, allowing them to be compatible with a greater number of devices such as the Eleaf iStick 20 Watt or Innokin iTaste MVP2. Surprisingly these coils are built with superb quality and typically last 2-4 weeks and usually come in packs of five. Avaiable in single coil, dual coil and triple or quad coil, even SMOK TFV12 V12-T12 Coil. There are two sub ohm coil for your option: Ceramic Heads and Coil Heads. Many people enjoy a warmer vape because it satisfies their nicotine craving better, and just may be the only thing keeping them off the stinkies.

No Coil Building Knowledge Required
Replaceable and Disposable Coils
Large E-Liquid Capacity
Vast Vapor and Flavor Production
A Warmer Vape
Eliminates the Need to Regularly Drip and Wick
Perfect for Vaping and Driving
Ideal for Lung Hitters

Juice Guzzler
Produces a Hotter Vape
May Require You to Purchase a Sub-Ohm Compatible Device
Reduced Battery Life
Additional Cost of Coils
Unable to Stealth Vape
Eliminates Mouth-to-Lung Hits

Here are difference between Mesh Sub-ohm Coil and traditional coil:
1. Pre-install Coil
2. Nice Flavor
3. Need to replace for a week or 2 weeks


Mesh Sub Ohm Coil

In conclusion, no matter mesh sub ohm coil or traditional coil, both of them will deliver nice flavor for you. The Fireluke Mesh Tank by FreeMax revolutionizes sub ohm tanks with the first mesh coil and is a fantastic alternative for sub ohm tank users! If you are looking for a subohm tank, you can choose the FreeMax Fireluke Mesh tank as your wishlist.


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