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New Arrival: Vandy Vape Perseus RDTA Tank Atomizer

New Arrival: Vandy Vape Perseus RDTA Tank Atomizer

Vandy Vape Perseus RDTA

Newest: Vandy Vape Perseus RDTA Tank Atomizer is coming now!

The Vandy Vape Perseus RDTA Tank Atomizer takes a forward progression in the rebuildable tank segment, carries on Vandy Vape innovative line-up with a innovative bottom airflow design and buckle structure, convenient for refill and operation simple. The peek block support for single coil easy to build. Also available for popular wide-bore drip tip, along with 510 drip tip. There are plenty of air holes in the bottom and side, directly blow to the coil to create a concentrated, flavor-focused experience. Combining a versatile build deck and creative airflow designs from one of the most exciting company, the Vandy Vape Perseus RDTA is a firm contender for top-tier RTA platform available in the market today.                       

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