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OVNS JC01 vs JUUL, How To Choose?

OVNS JC01 or JUUL, How To Choose?

Pod mod vapes are easy-to-use compact vaping devices that utilize replacement pod cartridges optimized for mouth-lung-vaping high nicotine e-juice and nicotine salts rather than traditional atomizer tanks and coils. They are small, compact and intensely popular. Ovns, Suorin and Juul are everywhere these days and seem to be the coolest thing on the market these days for refillable pod mods. In this article, we show you two popular pod vapes kits, the JUUL and OVNS JC01 Vape Pod Kit, let’s take a closer look at these two vape pod kits.


The JUUL is one of the most popular devices on the market and for good reason. Slim, satisfying and simple to use, the JUUL vaporizer is perfect for beginners and hobbyists alike, and its compact dimensions make it easy to carry around in your pocket. To use the JUUL, you simply pop a pre-filled pod into the top of the device and you’re ready to start vaping straight away! The main selling point of the JUUL, however, is the innovative nicotine salt formula used in its refills. Juul takes advantage of Salt Based Nicotines which deliver a much higher nicotine level than traditional e liquids. Many beginners find it much easier to transition away from analog cigarettes with nicotine salts, which are less harsh as a rule. JUUL pods contain 0.7ml vape juice and a coil; once you finish one, it’s as simple as disposing of the old pod and slotting a new one into your JUUL and you’re ready to vape again. 

OVNS JC01 Pod System Kit

OVNS JC01 Vape Pod Kit
The OVNS JC01 Pod System Kit is a slim and sleek vape, featuring a lightweight and compact design, draw-activated firing, and three different pods for alternative vaping methods and materials. Powered by a built-in 400mAh battery with smart MCU chipset, the JC01 will bring better instant to inhale experience. The JC01 is very thin and small in shape, holding a Juul pod at the very top, above the LED indicator lights. The most interesting character is that OVNS JC01 is compatible with 2 different pods including JC01 CBD Pod and JC01 E-Liquid Pod. CBD Pod equips with 1.5ohm resistance ceramic coil which has 0.7ml e-juice capacity that brings pure flavor to you, and the JC01 E-Liquid Pod with 2.0ohm resistance and holds up to 0.7ml of e-juice with the same glass tank section. Not only are they can use JUUL battery, but the JUUL Pod also can use OVNS JC01. Moreover, the LED indicator will show you the different status of the JC01. 3 colors available.


1. At A Glance

  • Very easy to use – plug and go pod system

  • Takes pre-filled pods, so no need to refill

  • Compact: 4” tall by ¾” wide

  • 50mg nicotine salt pods for a strong but satisfying rush with no harshness

OVNS JC01 Vape Pod Kit

  • All-in-One Design

  • Pod system all-in-one kit

  • Slim card-shaped body, comfortable and portable

2. Which Offers More Power:

When it comes to the power of OVNS JC01 pods, as you can see the table bloew, JC01 offers double batter capacity compare to Juul, moreover, it also offer more pod impedance and cartridge capacity.
JC01 VS Juul

3. Which are More Affordable, OVNS JC01 Or Juul Pods?

A juul starter kit will run you $49.99, including 4 Juul pods. The Series 3 + Pro Pods Kit will run you $54.99. A 4-pack of juulpods will run you $15.99 and yield 800 puffs. While OVNS JC01 Vape Pod Kit only need $19.9, and a 3-pack of JC01 Pro Pods will run you $5.9 and yield 450-600 puffs. Therefore, JC01 are truly the best value. Not only that, but your JC01 Pod cartridge is also compatible with a variety of cartridges in addition to Pro Pods, including CBD Tank, E-Liquid Pod and Juul Pods, which will offer you more functionality in addition to more powerful puffs.

JUUL or OVNS JC01? – The Conclusion

Although both of these Pod System starter kits boast unique qualities that are quite impressive, the JUUL is the stronger contender. If convenience is king for you, or you were a heavy smoker before making the switch and you want something that closely resembles the sensation of smoking a regular cigarette, I think the JUUL and Ovns JC01 are great choice for you.

The JUUL Vaporizer Complete Starter Kit is a sleek and stylish e-cigarette that keeps everything simple and includes 4 flavor pods filled with delicious Salt Based Nicotine E-Liquid. And OVNS JC01 Pod kit comes with slim card-shaped appearance which is portable and comfortable to hold in hand, compatible with Liquid pods and Juul pods, both JC01 pods can be used Juul battery.

So if you are looking for a portable pod mod that can produce big clouds in a small package, you should put JUUL starter kit and Ovns JC01 in your list.



The jc01 pod can be refilled multiple times, some say more than 4 times. So if 600 puffs per refill, and 4 refills let's say, that's 2400 puffs per pod, at a cost of roughly $2


I like both!!

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