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Review of Suorin Air All-In-One Starter Kit

Review of Suorin Air All-In-One Starter Kit

The Suorin Air Is all-in- one device and designed by Chinese company Goldreams Technology. But manufactured by the world’s largest factory- Foxconn. Now let’s take a look at it.

The Suorin Air All-In-One Starter Kit boasts high-quality packing. Looks greatly beautiful and small. The device measures just 86mm x 54mm x 8mm and weights just 136g. So it is very similar to a smartphone.

Inside the box there are the battery which can be easily charged by USB cable, a cartridge with meals capacity, refilling the cartridges and a user manual.

It certainly doesn’t look like an e-cigarette, but a quite stealthy device. It doesn’t even have a proper mouthpiece, you just put on of the top corners in your mouth and draw.

On the top, the battery casing has a narrow opening where the removable cartridge snaps on. There also is a large magnetic connect and two small metal pins that connect to the cartridge. There is a round fill port covered by a rubber plug on the bottom of the cartridge. Just pull that out with your fingernail and you can use a syringe to fill the cartridge. Then insert the cartridge in the battery and you can enjoy the vaping time.

In addition, the Suorin Air electronic cigarette has an LED indicator in one of the bottom corners, which not only shows you dump energy, also lights up blue when you draw. It’s time for recharge if it turns red.

I have been using the Suorin cartridge for less than seven days and it’s still working well. In contrary to other electronic cigarettes the Suorin Air will bring you more excited vaping experience with its unusual design and functions. You can get it now, because it’s easy to carry around in the smallest of pockets.


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