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Sigelei 213 Box Mod Review

Sigelei 213 Box Mod Review

Sigelei 213 is positioned as a flagship, as it utilizes the latest technical solutions. For example, the box-mode for two batteries has a charge balance, preheating function of the spiral, and in addition to the already familiar TCR mode, there is a TFR function (the ability to manually adjust the relationship between heating and spiral resistance).

Along with Sigelei 213, the company also sells the Fuchai 213, which is the same device, but more budgetary. The difference between them is only in the case material - zinc and carbon in Sigelei 213 against aluminum in Fuchai 213.

sigelei 213w box mod


Sigelei 213 looks very stylish due to the carbon insert on the body of zinc alloy. The main area of the mode is occupied by the carbon coating, against which there is a small band with control buttons and a display. There are two colors to choose from: gray and gold. Carbon in both versions is the same - black half-leather. The device looks original and differs from most box-mods. It is also noteworthy that the carbon coating is really made of carbon fiber, and not just plastic with a corresponding print.

sigelei 213w mod

The dimensions of the device are small - 884429 mm, but for inconspicuous floating it will not do. In the arm, the box-mod lays down well and does not slip. Sigelei 213 is created as if for left-handed people - only with the left hand grip the buttons will fit perfectly under the fingers. When grasping with your right hand, if you press the Fire button with your index finger, the palm will block the screen. If you press the button with your thumb, then in the right mode it is quite convenient.

Build in box fashion is good. Buttons do not clatter, but the battery cover lags slightly behind the case. Also remarkable is the strength of the device - there is evidence of how Sigelei 213 fell on asphalt or in a puddle, and continued to work as if nothing had happened.



sigelei 213w review

The box-mod allows you to adjust the power from 10 to 213 watts. The step of changing to 100 W is 0.1 W, after - 1 W.

Also in Sigelei 213 there is a preheating function of the coil. It allows you to set the power of the "first tightening" and its duration. For example, if the box-mod is exposed to 70 W, you can put preheating at 100 W for 2 seconds. Then the first 2 seconds of tightening the pairs will be formed at a power of 100 watts, and the rest of the time - 70 watts.

Reviews about the work of varivatta in Sigelei 213 are quite contradictory. Some of the vapers say that the claimed 213 watts is very difficult to obtain. According to numerous measurements, it is almost impossible to "squeeze out" more than 155 watts. In the varivatt mode, the device operates adequately at power up to approximately 150 watts and at resistances of less than 1 ohm. When installing an evaporator with a large resistance, power losses start up to two times.

At the same time, some vapers note that they managed to get 213 watts and even more. However, to achieve this result, you need to choose the ideal coil, install new fully charged batteries and take into account a dozen more nuances.

Also worth noting is a small delay between pressing the Fire button and heating the coil.

Temperature control (TC)

The temperature range is from 100 to 300 ° C or 200 to 570 ° F. The step of change is 1 and 5 degrees, respectively. In the TC mode, you can change the power or block the resistance. Temperature control is maintained on nickel, titanium and three kinds of stainless steel wire (SS 304, SS 316, SS 317).

In addition, the Sigelei 213 supports individual metal settings using the TCR and TFR functions. TCR allows you to set the temperature coefficient for the metal that is not supported in the TK mode, and TFR allows you to flexibly adjust the relationship between the temperature change and the resistance change. In each mode, you can memorize up to 5 presets.

The board mod supports the temperature compensation function, which helps the temperature control to work properly in the heat or in the cold. According to the set value, the device heats the spiral more or less warmly, so that the environmental conditions do not affect the soaring.

However, all these merits are broken about the implementation. If in the varivatta mode the vamps still managed to operate the box-mode normally, then in the TK mode Sigelei 213 works very poorly. The actual temperature does not match the set temperature, the TCR and TFR modes work "once", the resistance is sometimes not blocked. The box-fashion corny burns the wick, which is unthinkable for temperature control.


From 0.1 to 3 ohm in the mode of varivatt and temperature control. Due to the wide width of the mod on the device, any clearomizers and drips look good, even the trendy ones are "wide" (24 and 25 mm) lately.

The device works with low-resistance windings at the proper level. True, the lower limit of 0.1 ohms is not always observed, and the device safely floats at 0.07 ohms. Perhaps this is just a "bug" of the dynamic display of resistance on the display.

sigelei 213 boxmod


The mod works on two removable 18650 batteries. They are connected in series, so it's impossible to soar on one battery. Accumulators require high-current - from 35 A.

Charge the batteries in Sigelei 213 both in the device itself and in a separate charger. Through the USB-port it is possible to recharge the mod at current up to 2 A, which speeds up the process. Unlike many competitors, in the battery compartment, the Sigelei 213 has a charge balancer, so that the batteries are charged evenly, and in the course of operation, the slight difference in charge is smoothed out. The contacts of the battery compartment are made of brass and spring-loaded. The minimum voltage of the batteries on which the mod will work is 6.4 V.


The Sigelei 213 has a large 0.91-inch display with a horizontal orientation. It displays a variety of data: voltage, resistance, power, current, temperature, mode name. Also paying a lot of attention to the charge. There is both a standard percentage display charge, and a large band of charging. Next to the "total" charge indicator, there are data on the voltage of each battery.

sigelei fuchai 213


Steel 510 connector with spring loaded brass pin and slots for the bottom blower of the clearomizer.


Sigelei 213 is equipped with a set of protections:

From short circuit;

From high / low resistance;

From high / low voltage;

From recharge / overdischarge;

From battery imbalance;

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