Smoant Battlestar 200W Review

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Smoant Battlestar 200W Review

Smoant Battlestar 200W

We can’t deny the fact that Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 is very popular, giving users the opportunity to use the mod as with 2 batteries. The compact, variant is taken as the basis of the new device Smoant Battlester 200W. The device is very similar to each other, but there are also distinctive features that should be looked at in comparison.

smoant battlestar 200w tc mod

Packing and equipment Smoant Battlestar 200W

The device comes with a bright box of solid cardboard black-and-yellow. On the front side there are the names of the company and the device. Opening the box, we immediately find the user manual and a card with prompts. Under them in the white foam rubber lies the box mod Smoant Battlestar. On the right in the small white box are a Micro USB cable and a set of spare magnets. For the first time I see magnets in a set of packing and it is commendable.

Package of Smoant Battlestar 200W:

Device Smoant Battlestar 200W - 1 pc.

User Manual - 1 pc.

Card with tips - 1 pc.

Micro USB cable for charging - 1 pc.

A set of 4 spare magnets - 1 pc

Appearance and specification Smoant Battlestar 200W

It can’t be said that Smoant Battlestar 200W is an exact copy or clone of Wismec Reuleaux RX2 / 3. But there are also its own characteristics in design.

smoant battlestar 200w review

smoant battlestar 200w uk

smoant battlestar 200w mod

On the front side there is a power button, a screen for information output, control buttons and a Micro USB port. On the sides are holes for the removal of heat, two elongated on top and bottom on the body and four round on the lid. It is played with inclined lines, hollows and protrusions, it looks pretty. The back side does not shine with delicacies, a smooth and matte black lid, there's nothing else. On top of the 510th connector with a spring-loaded hexagonal pivot, around the platform with ducts for air supply and a seat for atomizers with a diameter of 22 mm, although it is possible to easily roll up tanks and drips with a diameter of up to 25 mm. Bottom are four holes for gas removal, company name, device name and certificates.

smoant battlestar 200w kit

The battery cover is held on eight magnets, four on the body and the lid itself. Keeps incredibly tight and you have to apply enough effort to remove it. Fitting at a decent level, gaps and backlash are minimal. In the battery compartment itself, there is a marking with the correct polarity and a tape for removing the batteries. Positive contacts are spring-loaded.

Specification Smoant Battlestar 200W

Height: 83.5 mm

Thickness: 40 mm

Width: 34 mm

Weight without batteries: 138 g

Weight with batteries 230 g

Features Smoant Battlestar 200W

The device turns on and off with a quick five-fold push of the power button. In the process of including us for a couple of seconds meets the logo and the name of the manufacturer, then we get into power control mode. The screen shows the battery charge level, installed power, resistance, voltage and mode name.

smoant bttlestar

Technical specifications Smoant Battlestar 200W

Output power: 1-200 W with a step of 0.1 W from 1 to 100 W and a step of 1W from 100 to 200W

Output voltage: 0.5-8.4 V

Support for temperature control: Ni / Ti / SS / NC / TCR

Support Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm

Support resistance in temperature control mode: 0.1-1.3 Ohm

Temperature range: 100-300 degrees Celsius and 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit in increments of 5 and 10 degrees respectively

Power: 2 Li-ion batteries of 18650 format

It supports charging via Micro USB and the mode of the pass

Connector: 510, spring-loaded

Materials: zinc alloy with ceramic firing

Comparison of Smoant Battlestar 200W appearance with Wismec Reuleaux RX2 / 3

Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3

Smoant Battlestar 200W almost repeats the dimensions of the Wismec Reuleaux RX2 / 3, but it has a lower height and other controls due to the use of its own board. In the rest, both devices in the hand are felt equally.

Fitting for atomizer on Smoant Battlestar 200W

 smoant bttlestar review

It is possible without a problem to wind up any atomizer with a diameter of up to 25mm, there will be no protrusions, steps and droops. I especially liked the bunch of CoilART Mage RTA with yellow o-rings, it looks very harmonious.


We looked at the appearance, technical characteristics and functionality of the new Smoant Battlestar 200W, and looked at it a bit compared to the Wismec Reuleaux RX2 / 3. Let's try to highlight the main points from the above and highlight the pros and cons.


Compact and ergonomic housing

Power and functionality of the board

Design and workmanship

The mode of the pasture

Adjustment of temperature coefficients

Spare Magnets

Inversion of the screen backlight


Delay after pressing the power button

Missing stealth mode

Maximum power only in ideal conditions

No firmware upgradeable

Loud button rattling

I will repeat and say that Smoant Battlestar 200W is very similar to Wismec Reuleaux RX2 / 3, but I can’t call them the same. Based on a successful case, it is in demand and popular with users. The company Smoant it well modified and released to the market under the slogan of a compact and ergonomic device. Dimensions are almost the same, except for the difference in height. There are no serious claims to the case, everything is done well and adjusted, the buttons do not clatter, but loudly clatter during clicks. The lid on the magnets is held well and even very much. The connector took on board all my atomizers.

The board also adequately copes with its tasks, if you close your eyes to the delay after pressing the power button. Over time, you get used to it and press it before it takes you longer. On board there are all the necessary modes and settings, you can manipulate without turning off the box mod. Control is intuitively simple. I think that soon there will be a utility for the firmware, as the firmware version is displayed.

Smoant Battlestar 200W is an interesting device that can take its place next to the RX2 / 3 on the shelves of stores. Fans of stylish, bright and youth must appreciate it.


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