Top 10 SMOK Nord Not Working Problems and Fixes

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What To Do When SMOK Nord Not Working?

SMOK is popular for making few of the very well-known pod and mods vapes such as SMOK Nord, SMOK Novo, as well as SMOK Morph 219. Unlike various pods and mods systems, many a times vapers come across few issues while using these vape kits. Few issues such as SMOK Nord not working will be encountered while many vapers. Below are few of the common SMOK Nord stopped working issues encountered with SMOK vapes.

smok nord not working

1. SMOK Nord Burnt Taste

"Using the 1.4 ohm coil, just got it and after a day it's starting to taste burnt."

"I'm trying to quit smoking cigs so I bought a vape. I'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong though. I changed the coil on my vape about 2-3 days ago, filled it and let it sit for about 20 minutes. I fully charged my vape last night and the coil tastes burnt, not fully burnt that it hurts my throat, but there's definitely a burnt taste. "

- Users from Reddit

Coils are no doubt wearable. And hence, at some point, they need a replacement once in a few weeks. No worries, you yourself will look out for the coil's replacement when you start getting a ‘burnt’ tasting. According to SMOK, the atomizers wire is anticipated to be utilized for about e-liquid of 50ml under normal conditions. Hence, in case you got a 5-ml tank, it will make about 10 refills. Infrequently, coils sometimes wear down quickly than expected; in such cases, the burnt taste is felt immediately. Below are the reasons listed for your SMOK Nord burnt taste issue.


Prime the coil properly—Just after countable hits, if you get a burnt taste from your vape, the reason might be that you must have not properly primed the coil. Essentially priming the coil means saturating your coil with e-liquid. You need prime the SMOK vape coils with the help of juice that you can apply to the side vents of the coil. Leave the coil in the tank for minimum 20 min to soak and take quite a few dry primer puffs prior to hitting the fire button.

The output is way too high—The SMOK coil must have the suggested output wattage that can be found printed on its side. The mod O/P must match with this. For this, one can try to lower the wattage for initial puffs so as to break the coil in.


The vape is hitting very frequently—Continuous vaping is one more big reason that is killing your coil. In case you are going for a big hit one after another, you will end up putting great stress on your coil. So ensure that you are taking short breaks between every hit.


Defective coil—There are chances that your coil itself is a defective one that you are dealing with. In case you have ended up purchasing a defective SMOK coil, you can contact the support team for help.

2. SMOK Nord Not Firing

If your Nord or Novo is 100% charged and yet you are dealing with SMOK nord not hitting issue or it is not firing, here's what you can do. Remove the pod and simply check for all the contact points. Many a times the pod may leak a bit on the contacts. This will result the pod not getting recognized at all. The light present in the firing key will be white in case you got a SMOK Nord and it recognizes any contact with your pod. Hence make sure to check this.

clean smok nord pod

3. SMOK Nord Not Turning On

If the SMOK mod is not turning on and it ends up with a black screen or you are dealing with SMOK nord won't turn on issue, the reason behind this is that your device has unintentionally entered the 'stealth mode'. This can be rectified very easily. In case you aren't in the stealth mode, simply update the firmware. The other reason can be that your screen must have got damaged.


Deactivate stealth mode—You must have unintentionally entered the 'stealth mode'. Simply deactivate the stealth mode. To do this, press the fire button for 3 times back to back.


Update firmware—Try updating your firmware so as to get the recent enhanced SMOK mods. For this, connect your mod to your PC and choose the appropriate upgrade tool from the provided list present on the website of SMOK.


Contact SMOK—In case the above solutions don't work, simply contact your SMOK for further support. You can get a replacement if it is in warranty period.

4. SMOK Nord Not Charging

Many a times few users deal with SMOK Nord not charging issue. Often, this is actually not an error with your device, but in fact the issue is with either the charging port or the cable. The best way to deal with this issue is to first test the device with different cable. In case this isn't working, you can simply remove any type of debris. To do this, try to blow into the charging port. With this you will remove any type of fluff that is coming in the contacts’way. After all these also, if the issue persists, try cleaning the charging port's inside simply by rubbing alcohol and making sure that it is entirely dry prior to you insert the cable again.

smok nord charging problem

5. SMOK Nord Not Connecting

Another reason behind SMOK Nord not connecting issue can be the 510 connection problem. It is the tiny metal prong that is present on the tank's bottom, and also which connects the mod and the tank. One will require to screw the tank in the mod a bit tighter. Another solution is to try cleaning the 510 connection for any dirt. Also, you can clean the consequent hole present on the mod's top side.

6. SMOK Nord No Flavor

If your SMOK nord has no flavor at all, we know how annoying it can get for you. For this you can try using a mesh or in some cases a regular coil too. If this solution too does not work for you, you can simply ask your juice shop person to boost the flavors in the juice you use. This will no doubt help you solve your issue.


7. SMOK Nords Coil Not Working

SMOK has an unique warning message that will let you know that you do not involuntarily utilize the device with no coil at all attached to it; this can result in a severe damage to the mod. In most of the cases, one can receive the warning message even when the coil is still attached. Below are few of the reasons why this may happen to you.

Coil is not properly screwed: This has proved to be among the most common problems. All you need to do is, simply detach the tank head and then you can screw the coil next time a bit tighter to avoid the issue.

8. SMOK Nords Leaking

It has been observed that in many cases, the mods tend to leak frequently. Though many a times many SMOK vape tanks a top-fill locking design mechanism in order to aid in reducing the leakage, it may happen that the vape juice can is yet leaking out of the air vents and sometimes the other openings too. Below are few things that can be done to decrease the leakage.


Try holding the vape upright: The vape is to leak more when you hold it on its side. In case you have kept your vape in your car or on your desk, ensure that it is kept in an upright position. If you tend to keep the vape in your bag or your pocket, simply the leakage can be reduced by merely closing the air holes when you do not use your vape.


Tighten o-rings and seals: Another reason that your vape can leak is due to the that are not tightened properly. You need to take care that all of the tank’s sections, including any o-rings and the glass piece, are tightly screwed on.


Try increasing the wattage: Sometimes very low wattage can also result in the juice consistently leaking out. Low wattage simply means all the vape's juice is not vaporized properly even before it can make it correctly to the upper chamber. And hence this result in leakage. You need to take care that you do not cross the recommended wattage limit that is given on your SMOK vape coil’s side.

9. SMOK Nords No Smoke

Many of the SMOKs have an enhanced box mods such as the SMOK Morph 219 Touch Screen Mod and SMOK X-Priv 225W TC Box Mod. These are designed with an in built puff counter that helps its users to limit and track how much do they vape in real. Also, the users have a‘puff setting’ that allows them to set the maximum no. of puffs one can take in a single day. In case you have reached this upper limit set by you, your vape simply will not work further and your mod will give a warning of  'puff over' or 'max puff'. Below are 2 ways to deal with this issue.

Try setting a higher limit: Try setting a higher limit for you're the puff you can take in a single day. For this, you need to go to the ‘puff’ menu that is present of your mod. Now simply increase the puff limit in the 'puff setting' so that you get a higher limit take as many puffs you wish to in a single day.

Reset your puff counter: You can also try resetting your puff counter. For this, you need to go to the  'puff' menu that is present on your mod. Now choose the option 'puff clear'. This will instantly reset the puff counter.

10. SMOK Nord No Light

Some users also complained that the SMOK Nord light not on while charging. This problem is very common. My advice is contact SMOK and seek warranty on it. If you have the original box you can register it. If not, there should be a piece of paper that has that information.


The above article has discussed the best solution for brand new SMOK Nord not working issue. We have tried our best to cover all the possible problems that people generally tend to come across with the SMOK Nords. Also, along with the problems, various solutions for these issues are being discussed in detailed in the above article. We hope that the above article will help you get rid of the issues and help solve them effortlessly. In case you are having and currently facing any additional issue with your SMOK Nord that is not listed in the above article, feel free to comment below. We will try solving your issue.



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