Sub-ohm Vaping vs Regular, Which is Better?

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Sub-ohm Vaping vs Classic Vaping

Vaping is adapted worldwide due to being 95% less harmful than smoking a cigarette. The prime aim of vaping is to satisfy your nicotine craving without producing harmful smoke. Instead, a vapor is produced when you use a vape. Vaping is done is two ways, let's have a look below:

Regular or Classic vaping: Classic vaping is designed mainly for those who like heavy smoking as it produces the same sensation as smoking cigarettes, thus, it gives a power-packed throat hit and uses e-liquid with high nicotine content to satisfy the urge of regular smokers.

Sub-Ohm vaping: On the other hand is sub-ohm vaping that focuses on a smooth draw, quite similar to Shisha. It comes with low nicotine content such as 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg depending on the size of vapor or the cloud one would want to get.

Difference between regular vaping and sub-ohm vaping

Sub-ohm vaping v/s regular vaping is a very debated topic in the vaping world. Nonetheless, we have differentiated on three prime factors mentioned as below:

1. Cloud formation

The sub-ohm tanks work flawlessly to produce wide vape clouds due to all the oxygen that you require to do so. The tanks are designed for larger airflow intake with three slotted holes for airflow. Whereas, the regular vape tanks come with only one or two holes for the airflow intake thus not producing large clouds.

2. Flavor

The sub-ohm vapes work to produce much more intense flavor because the sub-ohm tanks come with an atomizer having a resistance below 1 ohm, which means a quick heat transfer resulting in producing deep and true flavor. However, the regular vapes are fitted with a coil having resistance more than 1 ohm, thus, altering the flavor.

3. Warm vape

Sub-ohm tanks are equipped with ample airflow control and require good performance to eventually result in producing smooth and warm vape experience than the standard vape devices.

Sub-ohm vaping or not?

The following sub-ohm vaping reviews will make it easier for you to decide whether to opt for it or not?

Sub-ohm vaping is much more popular than a regular vaping as it meets all the requirements issued by vapers in terms of deep flavor, massive clouds and warm vape. 

The sub-ohm coils used in sub-ohm vapes are capable of vaporizing a large quantity of vape liquid to give true and intense flavor with each puff. It is also ideal for warm vaping due to low ohm coils and high wattages. Besides, the unrestricted airflow helps in cooling down the higher heat produced by the coils to give the best direct lung hit.

Also, if you are a fan of blowing massive clouds, then sub-ohm vapes are for you as they deliver wide clouds of vapor. However, it is suggested to use a vape liquid with less concentration of nicotine to prevent high dose which can make you feel a little nauseous.

Best Sub-ohm Vape Mods

There are umpteen number of vaping options available nowadays depending upon your budget and vaping needs. It is difficult to decide which vape kit to go for as each has something better than the other. But do not worry! We have compiled a list of some of the best vape kits that can help you decide your favorite.

1.VOOPOO Drag Mini Box Mod

voopoo drag mini

If you are looking for a small, portable and stylish vape device then VOOPOO Drag Mini Box Mod is for you! It comes with an inbuilt battery of 4400mAh, which is huge, quick to charge and equivalent to two 18650 batteries. 

The device is furnished with an OLED crystal clear display to show all your vaping data such as battery life level, voltage, and resistance, etc. besides, the latest GENE.FIT chipset can fire up to a max of 117W output. 

2.Vaporesso LUXE

vaporesso luxe

This vape kit is for those who like to follow a luxurious style with sturdy features. The kit is equipped with dual 16850 batteries, powered by Omni 4.0 chip for instant firing at the speed of 0.01s. The 2.0' TFT screen displays all the vaping data that you need to know such as battery level, voltage, and power, etc, besides it lets you control the mod.

The e-liquid tank comes with the capacity of 8ml, top refilling and airflow control to provide rich and true flavor. 

3.Geekvape Aegis Mini

geekvape aegis mini

Aegis Mini from the house of Geekvape is a mini yet power-packed device that comes with a battery capacity of 2200mAh and the latest AS chipset that can fire at the speed of 9ms with 80W max output. The device is absolutely safe to use due to multilevel protections.

Other attractive features include waterproof, dustproof and shockproof capabilities. Apart from all these features, the kit comes with optional 2ml and 5.5ml vape juice tanks and two mesh coils with heating contact surface area to form large clouds.

4.Vaporesso Tarot Baby

vaporesso tarot baby

Vaporesso Tarot Baby is a stylish and impressively designed vape kit that is equipped with NRG SE tank with top refilling and bottom airflow control. It comes with a powerful in-built battery 2500mAh capacity which can go all day long. The new OMNI Board 4.0 chipset gives high performance and firing speed of 0.002s.

Additionally, it comes with 0.96" color screen to display all the vaping data including the battery level, voltage, and resistance, etc. the GT CCELL Coil and GT Mesh coils work well to produce original flavor and dense cloud.

5.Uwell Nunchaku 

uwell nunchaku

Uwell Nunchaku 80W TC is a beautifully crafted vape device that fits perfectly in your palm and pocket. It comes with a single 18650 battery and an intelligent 80W chipset with a temperature control system. The device can fire up to the max power of 80W and equipped with an OLED display to show all your vaping data. 

The vape juice tank comprises 5ml capacity with top refilling to prevent spill and leak and the adoption of the latest Pro-FCOS coil technology ensures unaltered and true vape flavor delivery. 


It is clear that more and more number of smokers are opting for vapes instead of smoking cigarettes due to being less harmful and economical. The sub-ohm vape device functions to satisfy the nicotine craving while producing large, dense and flavor-rich vapor.  If you want to enjoy your vaping experience with massive, dense vapor and full flavor than opting for sub-ohm vaping is a great idea as it promises to deliver desired dense and warm clouds without killing the flavor.


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