Vaporesso Transformer RDA Review

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Vaporesso Transformer RDA Review

I will share my impression of Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank Atomizer, its meaning is immediately laid in the transformations, the scale of which we have to evaluate today.

Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank

Package of Vaporesso Transformer RDA

Vaporesso Transformer RDA comes in a white cardboard box, on the front side of which there is an image of the device and its name. All basic information, including equipment and information about the manufacturer, is concentrated on the reverse side. Inside is the device itself with one base and two different metal tubes with installed top-caps, a zip-bag with spare parts and an envelope with documentation including warnings, a guarantee card and a user's manual.

Package of Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank

Device Vaporesso Transformer RDA

  • Enlarged skirt with top-cap assembly
  • Hexagonal screwdriver
  • Set of spare screws for hexagon screwdriver
  • Set of screws with a screw cap for a hex screwdriver
  • Set of spare O-rings
  • Two pre-wound spirals
  • Two velocity-like racks
  • Card with warnings
  • Warranty card for 90 days
  • User's manual

Appearance and Construction of Vaporesso Transformer RDA

Drip of Vaporesso Transformer RDA is made of stainless steel and is available in four colors, which can be found on the, but I got a steel version.

Drip tip of Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank

Transformation can begin with the appearance, changing the tube and top-caps installed on them, while achieving a different effect and result. But it immediately becomes clear that you can get a good taste.

Appearance and Construction of Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank


  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 28-35mm
  • Connector length with pin: 5.0mm
  • Depth of bath: 3mm
  • Weight: 32-40g

The dimensions and weight of the device in any configuration can be called relatively small. The construction of the drip is simple, but there are solutions that I really liked. The quality of production is also pleased; O-rings work out all the influences properly.

Drip Tip

A steel top-hat with a dripper-type insert is installed. In the grip zone there are deep incisions, the top-cap confidently holds on one O-ring and allows you to adjust the blowing of one or two spirals. The second option is an integral part with smoother lines and lack of any depressions, since the airflow adjustment with this top-cap is not provided, it is also held on one O-ring. In both cases the hemispherical shape of the dome.

Drip Tip of Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank Atomizer, Vaporesso Tarot Nano, Tarot Pro,Tarot

Metal Tube

The standard skirt is smaller in height than the reserve tube, it has two horizontal holes on both sides for blowing spirals, the size of which can be adjusted with the appropriate top cap. The option above has a large blowing area through small holes located along the trapezoid, and does not imply any adjustments. In both cases, in the lower part there is a support table, in which the base rests and above described engravings on the outside.

Metal Tube of Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank


Transformer RDA has a decontaminated base with a small bathtub depth of only 3 mm, in the base of which there are four holes 2.5 mm in diameter for installing spirals of two on the plus and minus halves. The plus part is fixed through the insulator with a central pin. The legs of the spirals are attached to the side with screws for the hex key, located between the two sealing O-rings.

RDA Base Deck of Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank

At the bottom of the database are the name of the device, information about the manufacturer with certificates and the 510th connector with adjustable brass pin. The screw underneath it can be unscrewed and replaced with another one with a hole for airflow systems and feeding liquid directly to the drip.

Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank

In the bag in the beginning we found velocity-like racks, which can also be used. They are inserted into the holes on the bottom of the base and fixed by side screws. To prevent rotation, there are rectangular seats and a small recess in the bottom of the rack, which rests on the fixing screw. The remaining holes can be muffled by the supplied screws or left so leaks in this case are also seen. Only the heightened skirt is compatible with these racks.

Coil Building of Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank

Building the Vaporesso Transformer RDA

Various variations of the base allow you to install a variety of builds. The Vaporesso voiced the figure 10 +, starting from the usual micro coolers, fixed by the screws themselves with a hat and ending only with the limitations of their imagination.

I will focus on three options that completely satisfy me in taste and quantity of steam. The first option I will try to install a single powerful spiral of several veins inside with outer braiding. In this case, Twisted Fused Clapton Coil is made of stainless steel, two pigtails of two cores with a diameter of 0.4 mm, braided outside with a flat tape and wound on a 3 mm rim in the amount of 4.5 turns, 0.1 Ω resistance, and works perfectly at capacities 60-80 watts. Laying cotton in a spiral and under it, this will accommodate more liquid and give a large area of evaporation.

Deck Building of Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank

In the second variant I installed two Fused Clapton, two cores with a diameter of 0.4 mm, braided outside with a wire of 0.15 mm in diameter, a total resistance of 0.25 Ohm, a comfortable power of 60-80 W. Laying cotton in a spiral and under them, which will accommodate more liquid and give a large area of evaporation, similarly.

Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank

The first two options can be considered in case of using a low skirt with small blowing holes. With a high skirt, these builds will only give out clubs of a tasteless pair because of the large airflow area. But you can get huge and tasty clouds here.

We take a coil with a diameter of 0.64 mm and wound on a 2.5 mm rim wound with 7.5 turns. We make four spirals and install them in bicycle-like stands on top of each other from two sides. The total resistance is 0.1 Ω. Power begins immediately to choose from under 100-120 watts. When stacking cotton, tuck the lower tails under the spiral, lower the upper ones to the bottom of the bath.

Vaporesso Transformer RDA Tank

On this variation does not end, you can come up with a lot of different builds using, for example, only one rack, the main thing to include fantasy, but also about common sense not to forget.


Above we reviewed the packaging and configuration, appearance and characteristics of the dribbles from the company Vaporesso. Let's try to outline all the above and written out the pros and cons, on the basis of which we will make the final conclusion.


  • Transformation of appearance
  • Transformation of the base for different builds
  • Convenient installation of spirals
  • Versatility in use
  • Taste, clouds or delicious clouds to choose from
  • The ability to run on airflow systems
  • Blow out adjustment on a low skirt
  • Adjustable pin
  • Excellent equipment


  • Shallow Bath
  • Unregulated blowing on a high skirt
  • Heating of the steel top-cap for a long time

Vaporesso Transformer RDA is a captivating and high-quality drip with an excellent complete set, in which only cotton is not enough to run out of the box. The idea of replacing the skirt and top-cap is far from new, but I liked the solution with the installation of bicycle-like racks as necessary. In all possible cases, we get a simple and convenient installation of spirals with cotton packing, which is overshadowed only by a shallow bath.

Honestly, the funny device turned out. I went with him for a long time, having fun with the builds, among which I chose the three most successful ones with good taste and quantity indicators. Summarizing, we can say that the device is not for everyone, but it can be suitable for many. 


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