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VGOD PRO 150 Box Mod Review

VGOD PRO 150 Box Mod Review

Today I want to share my impressions of the VGOD PRO 150 Box Mod. VGOD PRO 150 is a stylish, powerful and very compact box mod on two replaceable 18650 batteries with fast charging and a balancer.

Box mod comes in a handy rather large case. In the complete set only actually box mod, two stickers and the instruction.

Outside, a stylishly designed cardboard box. I note that it is quite large. From the bottom there is a check scratch code.

 vgod vape

Inside the box is a convenient case of black color. It looks like a bag for photo technics, rigid inserts, made of durable fabric. In the future, this case is useful. It can easily carry and store various tools, batteries and other small items.


A silver-colored box came to me. The surface looks beautiful, prints do not catch, not slippery, pleasant to the touch.

 vgod 150

A quite reasonable value of capacity for 2 battery modes is stated - 150 watts and this will be enough for the absolute majority of people. Box mod is really very compact and it is convenient to carry it in your pocket. Angles and faces are rounded and there is no sense of angularity. I can not say that the form is the most ergonomic for me, but nevertheless it does not cause any complaints either - it's quite convenient to keep.

On the side faces is really a real carbon. It has a pleasant relief. Box mod looks very solid, stylish and beautiful. The assembly is quite good. Inscriptions and engraving do not strain, but rather create the impression of an exclusive and expensive thing. The screen is small, quite bright. Although it is drowned in the back of the case, it is additionally protected by glass. Although the screen size is the same as that of the I Stick, but the main figures are slightly larger and read well. Fonts are nice and smooth.

 vgod mod

The connector has a fairly wide steel pad. The positive pin is spring-loaded. All atoms are wound without a gap. Contacts are reliable, the insulation is not torn. The top contacts slightly spring. There is an indication of the correct polarity of the batteries.

vgod pro 150

In general, everything looks cultured and neat. Ribbon for convenient extraction of batteries has a long length.

Everything is very compact. Batteries are installed quite tightly (you need to insert exactly), but there are no special problems.

vgod case

Attention: the box mod uses a serial connection of batteries. For maximum efficiency

It is desirable to use the batteries that are the same in type and condition. Use only high-current batteries, (For example: Sony VTC4, Sony VTC5, Sony VTC5A, Sony VTC6, LG HE2, LG HE4, LG HG2, Samsung R25, Samsung 30Q, Sanyo UR18650NSX).

The VGOD PRO 150 has a quick built-in charging. The USB connector is located in a convenient location. Charge works neatly, there is support for the function of the pasture. The control charge of the unbalanced batteries showed the result: 4.19V and 4.19V, which means the presence of a real balance bar in the box mode and it was very pleased.

vgod vap

There is a slight delay after pressing the Fire button (not critical), but overall the board is decent and it honestly gives out the claimed capacity. Resistance measurement is accurate. Straight line output across the entire voltage range. The board has excellent characteristics: maximum output current of 50A, resistance support from 0.08 Ohm (0.07 Ohms for TC modes and Meh mod). The mode of meh mod itself is first encountered in a two-hockey fashion. And the most interesting is that in this mode it works as a meh mode with a parallel connection of batteries, although in other modes of mode it uses a serial connection. Testing showed that, as in most other two-bubble modulators, there is no booster (boosting) and it is really possible to obtain a maximum voltage of only about 7 V. Therefore, a maximum power of 150 watts can be obtained in the resistance range: 0.07-0.33 Ω. Temperature control works fine, but only on nickel and titanium. There is no support for stainless steel and manual installation of TCR.

 vgod pro


The box mod's cover is quite massive, but overall the box mod has quite a comfortable weight for the fashion on 2 18650 batteries.

Box mod is really very compact. This is probably the smallest in height box mod with such layout of the board layout.

Although the box is very compact, but with the now popular atoms with a diameter of 24 mm, it perfectly matches, without overhangs and gaps.

vgod pro 150w

Nixies, minuses and pluses VGOD PRO 150 Box Mod:

If it was a budget box, then there would be no complaints against him. But since this mod is not cheap, then the requirements for it will be corresponding:

- The only thing I did not like was the buttons. They are chrome plated. Why were not they made of stainless steel, too?

- The board is decent and honest, but it is inferior in terms of speed and functionality to expensive cards (for example, the DNA200 board). Temperature control only on nickel and titanium. There is no support for stainless steel and manual installation of TCR. Also there is no stealth mode and screen flip function. It is not clear whether there is a firmware update function (apparently it does not exist either).

+ Solid and stylish look. Lateral inserts of real carbon fiber (embossed and pleasant to the touch). A very compact size and at the same time it is possible to use atoms with a diameter of 24 mm without overhangs and gaps.

+ Honest board with excellent performance and smooth linear output over the entire voltage range. The maximum output current is 50A, support for resistances from 0.08 ohm. The mode of meh mod itself is first encountered in a two-hockey fashion. And the most interesting is that in this mode it works as a meh mode with a parallel connection of batteries, although in other modes of mode it uses a serial connection. There is a mode with heating power setting on every second.

+ Steel connector and spring-loaded positive pin with long stroke. Excellent implementation. All atoms are tightened tightly and without gaps, but the lid will not be scratched, because the pad is made of steel wide.

+ Two replaceable 18650 batteries, convenient and fast replacement. Good implementation of the battery cover.

+ Excellent fast built-in charging (1.7A) with real balance. USB connector in a convenient location. Support the function of the pasture.


Box mod is very beautiful and stylish, compact and powerful. Quick built-in charging with an honest balance. In general, the mod is very good, but considering the shortcomings, I think the price is too high. If money is not a problem or the price becomes more acceptable, then you can take it. In any case, this is an exclusive device, and it's up to you to decide whether to purchase it.


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