VGOD Pro Mech Mod Review

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VGOD Pro Mech Mod Review

  Today we 're going to talk about the pro mech by VGOD, the pro mech by VGOD brings you an unregulated mechanical mod for those who favor giving a solid 24mm diameter billet copper body and a carbon fiber encrusted button. it's sure to give you the rigidity you're looking for.

vgod pro mech mod uk

  So here is the package of the VGOD pro mech mod. Featuring a hybrid connection up top and a self-adjusting battery contacts at the bottom, alright so the pro mech by VGOD, we have the rhodium plated threads on the 510 and minds you this is hybrid. So it should be only used with RDAs ,RDTAs ,pretty much rebuildable atomizers with protruding pin. You don't want you using a type pf sub ohm tanks, because you have a chance of shorting out your battery and we don't want that.

vgod pro mech

  On the side you have your engraved VGOD logo, it's pretty deep and smooth, the other side we have the ventilation holes we have from top to bottom, you cannot ever have too much ventilation, you need that ventilation for any type of battery problems shorts hot shorts whatever the case maybe you need those ventilation holes .

vgod pro mech mod clone
  Now on the bottom, we have the aerospace grade carbon fiber, it's also very textured, it doesn't have that smooth slippery surface like carbon fiber usually does. So you actually do have a surface area that you can grip with your pinky or your index or however your style is vaping on an mod, now the button I want to go and remove it is flush by the way, there's no lock ring or anything so when you stand it up, you don't have to worry about it firing on you by itself, it's just basically a flush button nothing else to worry about when it's sitting on its own, whether it has battery and adding weight to, it's not going to fire on you .

vgod pro mech mod review

  You have the contacts here at the bottom, you have this delrin insulator around the outer area and its spring loaded, so it's supposed to auto adjust to compensate for the pin length on your add, somebody's come with short pins, as long as they are protruding that is the most important part, so you don't have any battery rattle that actual ring around their supposed to auto adjust to actually compensate for that to give continuous tension against the battery, so it doesn't move around.

vgod pro mech/rdta


  The threads on the bottom, the button are also rhodium-plated so you have that instant and increased conductivity or anything you put on it as far as you know. Rebuildable, obviously, I mean you can customize it however you like just make sure you guys stay within your battery limits, some batteries have an average limit so make sure you are using your best judgment when it comes to building things and you're not going over and building bills that are just way too ridiculous, we don't want to cause any issues here, we don't want anyone to get batteries in the most important part.


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