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Wotofo Serpent Alto RTA Tank Review

Wotofo Serpent Alto RTA Tank Review

So, today on the review the next variation of the Wotofo Serpent Mini called Wotofo Serpent Alto RTA .The company Wotofo, apparently, decided to fill the market with "Serpents" for every taste and color. What is the difference between this tank and the version of "mini" we will consider below, but for now there is little information about the tank itself.

- material - Pyrex + stainless steel;

- the volume of the liquid to be filled is 2.5 ml;

- Connector - 510th;

- diameter - 22 mm.

Acquainted with Serpent Alto closer. The tank comes in a tight, cardboard, gift box.After the autopsy, the tank itself, a spare pyrex-glass, a booklet instruction and an advertising sticker for participation in the contest on the manufacturer's website (t-shirts with logos) appear directly to our eyes.

wotofo serpent mini

Inside the bag, there are 13 o-rings (including multi-colored, as they say to "customize" the tank to your fashion), screwdriver, 3 pre-wound spirals, and a sheet of Japanese cotton.

On top of the tank, a delrin drip tip is installed.


Bottom of the base is the name of the tank, the logo of the company Wotofo and the link to the official website (there is no serial number, it is located on the box, in the form of scratch code, to check the device for originality on the offsite).

wotofo serpent mini

The pin is adjustable, but "out of the box" it sticks out enough for use on meh.modah with a hybrid connector.

Now, more about each part.

Drip tip. Delrin, small, on two o-rings. It performs its function, it sits tightly in the lid, even when it is in the liquid it does not strive to fall out from there.

Tank cap. On top of the radiator (for cooling with intensive evaporation), a hole for the drift. Bottom of the silicone o-ring for sealing the lid with the shaft. Immediately I will say that because of the small size and the absence of incisions it is very inconvenient to unscrew it. Was it really that hard to make the notches like the Conqueror Mini?

wotofo serpent

Base. Has one large air intake hole, is adjustable, has a stopper.

You can also see the two stands under the spiral and the first significant difference from the Mini version - the side blowing of the spiral.The second difference in the location of the racks, they are shifted to one of the sides of the base and have a different design.The third difference is the two blowing holes, in contrast to one large on the mini version.Also on the base there is a ledge - which is most likely used as a guide for smooth laying of cotton wool, while hindering the installation of the spiral.

wotofo phantom



The process of installing the spiral

  1. Install the spiral;
  2. We pull up, bite off the extra ends;
  3. Align, burn;
  4. We pass cotton wool, we cut it a little less than the diameter of the tank;
  5. Wet cotton, put in slots;
  6. We collect and refuel the tank.

Pros and cons:

What I liked about the Wotofo tank was the compact size (I surpassed the Nectar from Amerpoint). Excellent tastes due to double blowing and a small evaporation chamber. Thread processing, winding. Rich equipment. Surprisingly, there is no "snot" (probably due to the fact that he put a lot of cotton wool).

Did not like it - lack of fluid flow adjustment (when will Wotofo come to this?). No incisions on the tank lid. It is not always convenient to install the spiral because of the constructive platform. The probability of breaking the glass "on dry" when removed. Not a large volume of the enclosed liquid (rather cavils, because the tanks themselves are small).

Conclusion: a delicious, small tank, for lovers of stealth devices. With an interesting blowing and a rich bundle. And if the "advantages" for you outweigh the "cons", then you can safely acquire Serpent Alto.



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