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Wotofo Serpent Mini 25 RTA Tank Review

Wotofo Serpent Mini 25 RTA Tank Review

Wotofo Serpent Mini was well received on the threshold of summer and the tank became quite in demand, especially in conjunction with miniature box mods. Market trends are such that many manufacturers take their popular devices and "bluntly" increase the size, giving out for a new product, but in essence the same device remains. With the new Wotofo Serpent Mini 25 Tank, the situation looks somewhat different, since the tank has grown not only externally, but also technically.

 wotofo serpent

The updated device comes in exactly the same box as the regular version with one exception. On the back there was information about the membership of the company and Wotofo in anti-smoking organizations, under which there are warnings and information about the manufacturer with certificates. On the front side we will find the name of the tank, by the way, without adding a new diameter. On the edges of the box are basically codes - a bar code with the full name of the tank, the code for checking the originality under the protective layer, and a link to the manufacturer's website. At both ends - the name of the company and the labeling with the color of the device and a large sticker with the figure 25. Thus, we conclude that the old packaging is used, and all the updated designations are printed with stickers.

wotofo serpent mini

The packaging is opened by pushing in the side. Inside us, immediately meets the user's guide and a card in the form of a T-shirt. Further in the gray foam rubber form, the device with a spare glass, a base on two spirals, which is very interesting, and under the form, by tradition, three packages with additional parts are hidden.

wotofo rda

The novelty, in fact, externally practically does not differ from its predecessor, except for the enlarged diameter of 25 mm. On the review I received a device of a steel color, on the site of the company Wotofo, I also saw a black version. The tank is made of stainless steel and pyrex-glass.

Above is a fattened steel drip-tip and a filling cap. Rolls for convenient unscrewing have not been added, although it is opened and just as easily due to engraving in the form of a tank name and a decent contact area. Also, there is no incision at the tightening ring, but the stopper is present and it does not rotate in a circle. The pin of this tank is not regulated, although it bulges quite well, but it is better not to use hybrids.

 wotofo vape



Diameter: 25 mm

Height: 34 mm (without drip-type), 44 mm (with drip-tip)

Connector length with pin: 4.7 mm

Volume: 4 ml

Weight: 65g

The constructive, as compared with the standard version, changed a little. I'll run ahead and say that we have worked on it and improved it, so let's move on to considering each individual part.

 wotofo serpent mini

Drip-tip is made of steel, it was made more massive and increased in all directions. Despite its size and only one o-ring, it is well held in the body. The walls are very thick, which is good for comfort in the process of soaring, the drip type is very slightly heated. Old, by the way, I did not like its size, but this one turned out to be successful, in my opinion.

wotofo mini serpent

The top cap is screwed into the refueling cap, has a landing slot along the 510th drip-type. The depth of it is limited, so not all drift-types will get there completely. The top-cap has no knurling for convenient loosening, but it is easy to do this by engraving in the form of a tank name. Sealing is ensured by two sealing o-rings in the lower part.

The fill cap has two holes of a decent size. I refueled the tank from different bottles, there are no remarks, as before. The lid with the dome and shaft is now connected by thread. The flask is retained on the refueling lid by means of a fat seal o-ring.

wotofo cube

The flask is made of pyrex-glass. It is worth noting that the glass has become thicker. I focus on this attention, since on the regular version the glass cracked at the moment when I simply put it on the ring, which left a residue. I am glad that the spare bulb in the package did not refuse and it is present.

wotofo tank

The guys from Wotofo again surprise and keep up with trends, completing their device with two replaceable bases, which are screwed on the thread in the base. It changed slightly from the previous version. From the top now is a threaded joint for the bases, a sealing o-ring for the dome part. Below the ring is a blowback adjustment with a locking mechanism, which, by the way, on a dry howl, and in the wetted state it turns too easily. At the bottom is the 510 connector and the name of the device, as well as information about the manufacturer with certificates.

wotofo wire

Returning to the bases, we first stop at the pre-installed in the tank. Its main principle completely repeats the solution proposed earlier. The base is designed to install a single spiral, the legs of which are lowered from above into the grooves and clamped laterally with screws for the hexagonal wrench. For blowing a large hole is provided, and for laying cotton deep grooves with a fixing ring that can be completely unscrewed. The second base is the most common bike-like with two posts, in which there are two holes and two fixing screws for the hexagon key. Under each spiral there are decent blowing holes with flanges from overflow and two grooves for cotton, the tails of which are held by the same removable ring with notches.

 wotofo mini

To install the build into a single-spiral base, I recommend that the blank be twisted counter-clockwise. Then the legs of the spiral without dancing with a tambourine will lie in the grooves, it remains only to tighten the screws. Special efforts should not be used, since the screws here are rather weak and lick at times. With a cycling-like installation process, everyone should be familiar. The only time that during the installation I change the leg and the hole in places, that is, I put the upper leg into the lower hole on one side, and on the other hand, on the other hand, the lower leg in the upper hole. Recently, I do so on all velosity-like bases. I do not know why, but I like it so much. I have everything standard on the workpieces, usual fechral diameter 0.4 mm and 0.2 mm, from which I made a fuse and a clapton for a single-spiral and double-spiral base, respectively. The resistance in the first case was about 0.4 ohms, in the second it was about 0.5 ohms. Power picked up around 30-50 watts and stopped at an average value of about 40 watts. We try to lay the cotton neatly only at the height of the fixing ring. Lower it to the bottom of the bores it is not necessary, but simply putting it on top of the bump will be a risky occupation.

Wet cotton and collect the tank. We spin repeatedly to make sure of the directness of our hands, and you can fill with your favorite liquid. Huge holes facilitate fast and comfortable filling.

wotofo chieftain

Wotofo Serpent Mini 25, despite its diameter, is a relatively compact device. In principle, I did not think much of finding a bundle for him, at hand was a mod from the same company Wotofo Chieftain 80W. I also have a 60 Watt box mod with the same name for the hero of this review, but I remembered it later and will show this setup next time.

Above we reviewed the packaging and configuration, the appearance and characteristics of the Wotofo Serpent Mini 25 tank. Let's try to highlight the pros and cons from what has been said and written, on the basis of which we will make the final conclusion.


Excellent base for installing one spiral

Spare bicycle-like base for two spirals

Easy installation of spirals and laying of cotton

Ability to install greasy windings

Convenient top dressing

Adjusting the tightening torque

Compact size

Excellent taste and steam generation


No control of the supply of liquid to the vaporization chamber

No knurling on the filling and tightening rings

Easy rotation of the ring for air adjustment

Weak screws that collapse very quickly

Increasing the diameter and making some constructive changes went to the Wotofo Serpent Mini 25 in terms of convenience, reliability and some kind of versatility. Small jambs are present and can be reconciled with them, given that the screws are a disease of half the tanks, the ring itself does not get lost, without the control of the liquid, the tank does not lean and without a knurled cap is malleable. With all this, the tank can easily pile up, delighting with a decent transfer of taste, and will be a perfect addition to the relatively compact box mod.


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