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Wotofo The Troll RTA Tank Review

Wotofo The Troll RTA Tank Review

Hey guys,today I'm gonna talk about the Wotofo the troll RTA.

What we have here is the troll RTA from Wotofo, they branded this "GRIMM GREEN" on the side which is always nice but doesn't necessarily make this a better product.

wotofo the troll rta

To top to bottom,this is a pretty straightforward RTA,your drip tip is your top cap,you can unscrew this right here to fill it,as you can see,there's a small,thin,clear silicone ring in there to help keep a tight co2 very large kidney shaped juice fill holes.

wotofo the troll rta atomizer

Adjustable airflow on the bottom locks in the closed position ,open it all the way up and it locks in the open position,this is nice and smooth,and a little bit on the firm side which I like,because it stays in position wherever you want to put it right there,it stays.

wotofo the troll rta review

Included in the Troll RTA are three prebuilt clapton coils. On closer inspection, I believe that they are fused claptons.

The Troll RTA is extremely easy to build on, the deck is a nice size, the holes for your coil legs have enough room for some complex coils and the wick nicely tucks into the two wicking holes at the bottom of the deck.

wotofo the troll rta uk

Let's see what's included in this box.

Package Includes:
1x The Troll RTA Atomizer
1x Japan cotton
1x Multifunction Wrench
3x Prebuild twisted coils
1x Spare Parts
1x Coil building Tool
1x User Manual
1x Gift Box with anti-fake label

In a word,Wotofo The Troll RTA Tank is a great RTA,the fit and finish on it are just fantastic,the airflow are really smooth and swooshy at full open,it's almost like the ideal airflow for the way that I like to vape,it's a nice swooshy lung style hit,I get really nice flavor from it,really nice performance from it,I have rocking at a very gentle, sort of 66 watts,the airflow doesn't feel turbulent to me in any way,but it is a lot of touching the loud side I guess,before I hyperventilate,it's a touch on the loud side,otherwise the vape experience I get from this tank,it's stellar,I mean the flavor is on point,and this tank to me feels a lot like an RDA from the build deck to the airflow,to the wicking,to the way that you fill it,I can't really fault the troll RTA in any way,I can't think of one bad thing to say about this, other than that the airflow is a little loud and if the airflow being a little loud is literally the worst thing I can find,I think this RTA is doing a lot right.


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