UWELL Amulet Pod System Vape Kit- 370 mAh & 2 ml

UWELL Amulet Pod System Vape Kit features the amulet pod system. Comes with 2ml juice capacity and 370 mAh battery capacity. With long battery life, Micro-USB cable, advanced circuit board design, it provides you a stable, safe and reliable vaping experience.


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Uwell Amulet Replacement Pod Cartridge - 2ml & 2PCS/Pack


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UWELL Amulet Pod System Vape Kit

The name itself sounds so interesting as the Uwell Amulet vape watch has "vape watch" in it! This electrical gizmo is the first watch in the world that can be vaped. Yes! You heard me right. The Uwell Amulet pod kit is brought to you and created by Uwell. Uwell has also been trending in the market due to its few outstanding devices - for example the Caliburn Pod kit and the Crown. More to the list are Soulkeeper Semi-regulated Mech Mod.

All the devices by Uwell Amulet watch pod kit are receiving great and positive feedback from its users. Let us now have a look at the recently introduced Uwell Amulet pod starter kit. Below you will find the best Uwell Amulet pod system vape watch review that will thoroughly help you out with to know the device.

Design and Build Quality

Frankly speaking, Uwell Amulet pod system kit is a watch along with a pod mod kit. This is just two different things under one roof. Nothing can even be compared with this amazing combination of a watch and a vape pod. Uwell Amulet pod system vape watch is the first of its type; it has astonishing specifications and amazing features.

The Uwell Amulet pod system vape watch comes with battery capacity of 370mAh. Furthermore, the vape pod watch kit has e-liquid capacity of 2ml. It is also has a draw-activated fire mechanism as well as inherits a non-removable 1.6Ω coil. With all these great features, the vape pod watch system stands out of the crowd. No doubt in that.

The Pod

The Uwell Amulet pod kit's pod basically has 2 sections - the battery and the tank. However, when considered as one entity, the pod is very tiny and is made from Polycarbonate, which is very dark, nice, and thick. In order to remove this kit pod, all you need to do is press on the button loaded on spring present on the casings side. This will unclip at the downside. Now simply lift this up. After removing the pod, first put in the mouthpiece end and then shove the bottom side inside the casing to refit the pod. You will hear a click sound when it gets locked in its place.

By pulling the tank out from the battery, one can remove it easily. No magnets are present so as to hold it in its place; however, it seems to fit in properly. At the tank's base side, a silicone cap is present that helps to open the pod for filling the e-liquid. The tank has a vape juice capacity of 2ml; it is also a re-fillable one. However, the coil is not replaceable; this means that once the coil is burnt, it makes the pod useless.

The Battery

The Uwell Amulet pod system watch kit has a battery capacity of 370mAh. This battery capacity can easily last for up to a day without causing any problems. However, if you wish to use the device for chain vaping, you will have to recharge the battery very soon as the battery may drain out soon. You can charge it by putting the device's pod through the USB port that can be seen at the pod’s on charge. Roughly it takes around 1.5 hours to get the device charged.

Touch Screen

The Uwell Amulet watch pod kit, having an easy display, gets you each and every aspect on its screen. The screen is very bright as well as nice. However, it is recommended not to use in very direct sunlight; it may not cause any issue. The time pattern displayed follows 24 Hrs military time pattern. The screen displays the battery level, date, time, coil resistance, and day easily on it.

The display can be activated by the side button as well as the touch screen can also be used. The display automatically sleeps after 10 seconds. In addition, the option of flip screen is also available. So don't worry if you are a lefty or a righty. The screen can be called an immense fingerprint magnet; also, it can get scratched easily.


Since the Uwell Amulet watch pod kit has a system that is draw-activated, the side button simply can be used to turn on as well as off the watch; it can also be used for flipping the screen and make changes in the time as well as date. The Uwell Amulet watch pod kit can be turned On and Off with just 5 clicks to the side button. For flipping the screen, all you need to do is for 4 seconds, long press the side button. In order to make any changes to the d and ate time, 3 times tap the side button.

When you use the watch pod system in bright sunlight, 2 tiny circles can be seen on either of the screen's side. You can click any side so as to alter the flashing number down or up, and further to scroll to the next number, tap the side button. When you are done with it, simply press 3 times the side button; this will take you to the normal screen. A non adjustable airflow is present which is perfect for a tight vape type of mouth-to-lung.

The 10watts and 1.6 Ω coil are pretty much good as far as their performance is considered in the Uwell Amulet watch-style pod kit.


  • Nice simple display

  • Very comfortable to wear

  • Surprisingly good flavor

  • Wicks great even with high VG e-liquids.

  • Sips e-liquid

  • Great automatic draw

  • Battery lasts a day with average use

  • Minimal ramp up time

  • Size: 47.7*37.5*17.2mm

  • Strap length: 270mm

  • Weight: 27g

  • 370mAh internal battery

  • E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml

  • Coil resistance: 1.6 Ω

  • Charging via USB

  • Maximum wattage - 10w

  • Colors available: Black

  • 8 second cut-off

  • Open-circuit protection

  • Short-circuit protection

  • Low power indication

  • Over-temperature protection

Kit Package Includes

  • 1 x Amulet Pod System

  • 1 x Micro USB Cable

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 2 x Warning/Info Cards












Zophie Vapes- A WATCH that’s also a VAPE / Uwell Amulet Pod System

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